Sunday, 30 March, 2008

Read the f****ng post already!

I was talking to my beau a while back, when I came across a startling discovery -- I have begun swearing incessantly!

"Do you realise how much you swear now?" he asked me, and I began pondering over this for a while. It is true, that I mouth a few explicits here and there, but I never considered myself someone who's swearing all the time. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I guess it all began in 1996 (when I was only 10). My father had rented a certain Hollywood action movie video. I don't remember what the film was, nor do I remember who starred in it. All I can remember is a scene where a man (wearing a plaid shirt, I remember) is running through the woods, and from somewhere, another man shoots him on his leg. He yelps in pain, "F**K!". At the tender age of 10, I had no awareness of what the word meant, and what it's significance was. I was glad though -- my vocabulary had increased with one more word. I would happily mouth the word, till my father, pink-faced, told me I shouldn't. It's a bad word.

Time passed, and I still had no clue about the many explicits that live in the world of ours. I was happy and 'clean', never uttering a 'bad word' from my mouth. However, everything changed when I came to Std. 7, when I came across the rowdiest boys I'd ever know.

I'd be the only girl in the row, surrounded by a bunch of boys. They'd all surround me, and begin their daily duty -- educating me on Hindi gaalis. "Arre yeh bol na (insert explicit here)..Phir se bol?" (insert wild laughter here). I now had a fair idea about the Hindi gaalis, and where to use them.

Time flew some more, and I had more or less forgotten every explicit there was. Then I reached SCM. Like MTV Roadies, to be a member of SCM, it is a pre-requiste to have the choicest explicits on the tip of your tongue, to be used in any circumstance. And there are no limits. Hindi, English, even Bengali..we are well versed in every explicit there is to know. And we've even innovated and brought out new ones.. (CH**ASS, for instance).

Perhaps mouthing explicits is the best stress relief. And I do believe they work! Whenever you're tired or frustrated, scream out the worst explicit you can think of (the more local, the better), and you'd feel better already.

So, coming back to the point I began this blog with, I do believe I've begun swearing a lot. But does that bother me?

No f*****g way!