Saturday, 10 July, 2010

Still Daddy's Little Girl

I can't speak for the guys out there, but us girls have this undying need to make our daddies proud of us. He is the strongest man in the world, with the kindest heart. His rough hands hold us tight when we cry. We make stories about dragons and princesses right before bedtime and he tucks us under the covers and kisses us goodnight. He is always there for us, whenever we need him. We will always be daddy's little girls.

What is it about making our daddies proud of us that makes us so emotional? Every time ma came to our open house, we didn't bother so much. But when daddy came, it was such a big deal. That's my daddy, talking to my teacher. He's telling me I can do so much better, but he is still happy. I'm holding back tears.

When ma came to our sports meet, we were happy she's there. But when our daddies came, we pushed harder. We pumped our chubby feet as fast as we could. When we saw him cheering for us, we closed our eyes and just ran towards the finish line and finished the race. We raised our trophies high in the air, looking at his smiling face. Our hearts filled with contentment. I've done something to make you proud, daddy.

When our documentaries were being screened, I waited patiently for you to come to the auditorium. When my teacher praised me in front of you, I tried really hard, but I couldn't control my tears. I cried, and you patted my back. "Don't cry, beta" you said softly. I excused myself. I picked the best seat for you in the auditorium. I waited for you outside. And then I saw that tear trickling down your eyes when you said "I'm so proud of you, beta." I sighed in happiness. I'm on the right path daddy!

Finally I wrote something 'decent'. It's been a while! Hope you're all good! :) Thanks for being patient with me!

P.S. To the people who are posting comments in Mandarin/Japanese, please stop! I dont understand what youre saying!


Lakshmi Ramanath said...

Love this ...........So touching and sweet ......... remembered my dad ....... :) :)

Manju said...

We, your friends, are proud of you too! you are such a good writer. your writing really touched my heart. PLEASE do not stop writing.

Rashmi said...

Loved this one :)