Friday, 29 May, 2009

So long...

Today is my last day on this blog.

As a 22-year old, that is!

Tomorrow, I will turn the big 23. Most people expect me to be depressed about the fact that I am, in fact, 'growing up', but honestly, I don't feel anything!

The last time I was truly upset was on my 19th birthday. It was my last year as a teenager. I was crying, I didn't even want to cut the cake. I was lost, disillusioned, angry and upset. But what can be done, I can't stop time, no one can. So I just accepted the fact that I will grow up. I will even be a 60 year old after exactly 37 years, so no use bitching.

But one thing remains, I will always be a 19 year old at heart. As my sister says 'age is only a number', and I agree wholeheartedly! Even today, people look at me and say "What college do you go to?". My gym instructor had once asked me "What are your school timings?" and I just stared at him and said "Uhh...I have a job". He stared at me, his mouth hanging open. Whatever..guess being fat has its advantages! ;)

So anyway, I turn 23. And I am going to turn 23 with some of my closest friends, dancing the night away. If you're nice to me, I may even post some pictures here!

Oh also, on a side note, I wont be doing a 'That Night' update tonight, well, for obvious reasons. So wait till tomorrow to read Raj's fate!

Cheers! (Literally!)

Thursday, 28 May, 2009

That Night - III

(Read these first to make sense: Part One, Part Two)

19th September, 2004
Mumbai, 11:30 pm

Sameer sat at the park bench, stubbing his ninth cigarette. He leaned back and closed his eyes. The past few days had been traumatic, with Yash's gruesome death. There were no suspects, the police were clueless of how he was killed. Yash's mother had gone into shock, and she kept looking for a black cat. Sameer, on the other hand, was numb.

Raj had just left a few minutes ago, leaving Sameer on his own. He just wanted to gather his thoughts before he could go back home. The wind was howling really loud that night, the trees making weird shadows on the ground. Sameer looked up at the moon for a bit, staring at the hollows and the 'face'. Tears streamed down his eyes as he remembered how the three of them would sit at the same place each night, getting high.

Sameer had not been sleeping since that night, and he was really tired. He didn't realize when, but sitting at the park bench, his eyes closed, and he drifted off to sleep.

Sameer was deep in his sleep, and he felt something brushing against his legs. He opened his eyes and looked. It was a black cat, and it was rubbing against his legs, purring softly. It's fur was sikly, and gleaming in the moonlight. It was so beautiful. He wanted to pet it.

"Here kitty, come here," he said, patting his thigh. Obedientaly, the cat jumped on him and perched itself on his thighs. It was looking up at him, it's lucid white eyes staring at him. "Aren't you cute?" he said lovingly, petting it. "What's your name?"

The cat lifted its front paws and leaned against his chest. Its was staring right at Sameer. He felt his heart beating faster, he began trembling, and felt like he was being pulled inside the cat's eyes. A flash of white, and he was back into that night. He saw everything, once again. He saw himself pushing the girl down, slapping her hard each time she screamed. He saw Yash almost choking her. What was going on? Was this a dream? It had to be one. He closed his eyes and shook his head really hard. Wake up!

He opened his eyes and he was back in the park. He looked around him in a start. No cats around. So it was a dream after all. He had to get away from this place. He was scared out of his mind.

As he got up, he felt something wet trickling down his face. He touched his cheek, and looked at his fingers. It was a sticky, thick liquid. Blood. He screamed, and felt blood seeping from his whole body. His clothes were drenched, and his face felt like it was going to explode. He fell to the ground, shaking uncontrolably.

The silence of the night was cut by a loud purr. He looked to his right, and saw the cat looking at him, cocking his head to the side. It slinked close to his body and licked its lips. "! Stop this..please!" he cried out.

But how could the cat understand what the human had to say? It raised it's paw high, it's claws out now and made a quick swipe.

Sameer's scream echoed through the park.

20th September, 2004
Mumbai, 7 am.

"Buddy, slow down!" Ramesh Ojha said, running after him. Buddy, the two year old labrador, was never this excitable during their morning jogs. He was pulling furiously at his chain, dragging Ramesh along with him.

At a distance, they saw a small black cat sitting in the middle of the track. Buddy stopped and stared at the cat. "This is gonna be a good day!" Ramesh said, staring at the cat. "Shoo!" he shouted, and the cat ran away. Suddenly, Buddy broke free from his leash and sprinted behind the cat. "Buddy!" Ramesh shouted, running after him.

Buddy ran further, and further inside the park. A steely smell was hanging in the air. By now, Buddy had run too far away from Ramesh. "Buddy!" he called out, making his way through the bushes. The smell was very strong now. Ramesh covered his nose, and stopped in his tracks.

Buddy was sitting under a tree. And from the tree hung a body, it's intestines twisting around the branches. Blood was still dripping down, and the drops were falling on Buddy's head. Ramesh muffled a scream and called Buddy to him, but it was too busy gnawing on something. "Buddy!" he shouted furiously, and the dog came to him, wagging his tail. He dropped whatever was in his mouth at his master's feet. And it was a human tongue.

The cat stood behind the tree, observing the human. She closed her eyes for a second. One more to go.


Wednesday, 27 May, 2009

That Night - II

(Before reading this, please read the first part. Or it wont make any sense. Strong language and theme ahead. Read at your own discretion. LONG POST AHEAD!)

16th September, 2004
Mumbai, 11 pm

Yash was exhausted. He had reached home at 9 in the morning and had been holed up in his room the whole time. He didn't know what he was feeling, but there was a strange sensation inside him. "It's probably just adrenaline" he thought to himself. After all, he had pulled off something he had been planning to do for a while now. Oddly enough, he didn't feel happy about his 'success'. He was just exhausted.

It was 11:30 in the night and Yash was on his bed. He stared at his hand, the blood had dried, and it felt numb. The painkillers were working. His heart raced as he thought about the events of the night before. A shiver ran through his spine as the image of the cat came to his mind. He shuddered. He closed his eyes and drifted to sleep.

He didn't know when, but he woke up with a start. His eyes were wide open and he looked around the room. It was pitch dark, so all he saw was blackness. He was covered in sweat and breathing hard. "Relax..relax.." he whispered to himself.

He was about to close his eyes again when he heard a loud creak. He stopped breathing. Another creak. "Who's there?" he said loudly. He wanted to sit up, but he felt a strong force pushing him down. "What..what's going on?" he said again, his mouth dry.

He felt something on his leg. And whatever it was, it was making it's way to his chest. He opened his mouth to scream, but no voice came out. It was all a vacuum. He was breathing hard now, scared out of his mind. His chest felt heavy all of a sudden, something was weighing it down. A pair of white eyes stared directly at him.

The eyes were shining bright, and there was hardly any black. Yash had seen those eyes before. The eyes got closer and closer till they were only an inch away from his. It was the cat, and it had come back for some unfinished business.

Yash was struggling hard, but he just couldn't move. He tried screaming. He even began chanting in his mind. The eyes were staring right at him. He felt like they were pulling him in. There was a flash of white, and Yash was transported back to the fateful night. He stood there, watching him and his friend's forcing themselves on the girl. He saw the girl screaming in pain, tears streming down her eyes. He saw Sameer hitting her repeatedly. He covered his eyes, and screamed in silence.

He was back in his room, the white eyes still on him. This had to be a dream. "Wake up Yash..wake up!" The cat began purring. It was walking away from his chest. He felt the blood rushing to his head, shaking horribly. He felt the cat trailing down his stomach, it's paws padding against his body. Suddenly it stopped. Yash wished there was light so he could at least see where the cat was.

The cat was sitting right below his belly button, and its paws were digging deep into his skin. And the claws kept growing, and growing till they had completely penetrated inside him. He screamed in pain as he felt one paw pulling out his body.

The cat raised its paw, and swiped hard. Yash screamed out loud, but the world around him slept in peace, for he could not be heard.
17th September, 2004
Mumbai, 9 am

Sunita Choudhary was pounding on Yash's room. "Wake up beta, you'll be late for work!". She waited a good five minutes before she opened the door.

Suddenly, a black cat emerged from the room. It looked up at Sunita, purred, and slinked past her. Sunita screamed and stumbled into his room. It was completely dark. "Yash...Yash?" he was lying on his bed, and wasn't moving a muscle.

She opened the curtains, and looked at her son. She screamed and fell faint.

His eyes were rolled all the way up the socket.

What used to be white linen sheets were now a bloody mess.

His crotch was severed, mutilated, in fact. There was nothing there but a deep depression.

The cat stood outside his house momentarily. Licked it's paws. And it was gone.

The deed was done.



What the FUCK is going on in India?

I am so shocked, I don't even know what to say. Please watch this video.


Tuesday, 26 May, 2009

That Night

(Strong language, depictions ahead. Read at your own discretion!)

15th September, 2004
Mumbai, 3 AM.

"You like that bitch? Yeah, yeah?"

He pumped harder and harder. Her body was writhing in pain, struggling under him. But he couldn't hear her screams, for they were only muffled. Raj had gagged her, while Sameer pinned her hands down. They were both looking at her, lust in their eyes, drool dripping from their chins.

"I'm next," Sameer said, wiping the sweat of his brow.

"Fuck off dude, it's my turn," Raj growled, pushing Sameer.

"Will you two shut the fuck up?" Yash groaned, his body heaving. He got up from the now-still body, and pulled up his jeans. "I'm going for a smoke. You fucks finish this cunt."

Yash walked away from the scene, and muffled screams filled the empty parking lot again. He had almost reached his car, when he felt something shuffling beside him. He turned suddenly, but he didn't see anything. He shook his head and started walking again. Was he loosing it?

There was an eerie silence as he reached his car. He couldn't even hear the girl's screams anymore. He reached into his pocket to get his keys, and fumbled with it. With a clang the keys fell to the ground, and rolled under the car.

Shakily, Yash reached down to get them. He reached underneath the car. He felt his hand brush into something furry, and suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his palm. "Argh!" he cried, pulling back, and looked at his hand. Three deep gashes had formed, blood seeping out.

"Fuck!" he said, tears stinging his eyes. He kicked his car, and from underneath, a black cat walked out. It was an unusual looking cat. A regular cat would have run away, but this one stood still. It was looking up at Yash, its black fur gleaming in the moonlight. The whites of its' eyes were so clear, it was almost as if it didn't have any pupils at all.

"What are you looking at pussy cat?" Yash growled, pressing his hand. The cat continued staring at him. It didn't move a muscle. "What? You wanna scratch me some more ha? Stupid fucking cat!" With a gusto, he kicked the cat right in the face. It fell down motionless, but didn't get up.

He walked over to the cat and nudged it a little with his shoe. It wasn't moving, limp and lifeless. "Good riddance!" he said, getting into his car and liting up a cigarette. Some time later, Sameer and Raj joined him.

"What did you do with her?" Yash asked. "Who gives a fuck," Sameer replied, "Now hand me that cigarette and let's get the fuck out of here."

The three of them piled into the car, and sped away.

The cat was still lying there. It wasn't breathing, it wasn't moving.

In fact, it had been dead for the last 200 years.


Saturday, 23 May, 2009

Work Porgaars

Found outside the building's lift:

No comments. Waiting for yours!!!

Friday, 22 May, 2009

How to survive the corporate world

I have been working (trapped?) in a corporate for more than 7 months now. And even though I am still a newbie, I have a sharp sense of perception. I can say that I have learned a lot. For all the newbies, the ones who are just entering, or on their way to, I am sharing my tips on getting ahead in the corporate world. Just follow these tips, and I am sure you will be a head honcho (asshole?) in no time!

1. Look Busy:

Corporate world is like a see-saw. Sometimes you will be burdened with work, loaded, in fact. On some days you will be a free bird. This rule applies to the days when you have no work to do. The most important thing to remember is --- look busy! Even if you spend eight hours clicking furiously on the mouse, playing Solitaire, look like you're in the middle of completing a zillion dollar contract with a prospective client. Have a constant frown on your face, staring at your screen, put your fingers on your lips, sigh get the idea! People who can't directly see your computer screen will think you're working super hard. But we all know the truth, don't we? ;)

2. Talk softly:

This rule comes with a 'but'. Talk softly, but only to your subordinates. Even if you are on the other side of the room, only a mere whisper is required. The subbies will come running. When they are close to you, speak even softer, be as incoherent as possible. The subbies will stoop to hear your words, reminding you of colonial India, you playing the part of the gora ruler, and the subbie a mere servant. Give them instructions, and they will do the needful, while you get back to your 67th game of Solitaire.

3. Talk loudly:

This rule also comes with a 'but'. Talk loudly, but only to your superiors, or to the ones level with you. Believe the world waits with baited breath about your every move. Everyone wants to know about your life. Take for instance, your colleague comes along. Even before he says hi, loudly declare "Dude!! I totally slept with XYZ last night! HIGH FIVE!" Then look at the minions around you, staring at you in awe. Laugh loudly for no particular reason. Be loud till the point of being obnoxious. When in fact, it isn't. People in your office are papparazi, and you are just giving them what they want - you!

4. Rent a house:

Location, location, location! Right? Right! It is of the utmost importance for you to rent a house, or if you can afford one, buy a house. But where? Right on your boss' ass. That's right. Live there, if you can, because nothing can get you ahead like a living in your boss' ass. Make your boss believe you're the best thing that has ever happened to him/her. Agree to everything they say, be at their beck and call. And you are on your way to head honcho world.

5. Blame others:

You are God, and God doesn't make mistakes. Even if your slight, oh let's say mishap, has cost your company 10 bazillion dollars, it wasn't your fault. Simple. Blame it on the subbie. They are just cockroaches anyway. Easily replacable. And since you are God, the subbies will take the fall, just for you. You are just that great!

And here you go. My tips on getting ahead in the corporate world. I'm sure they will help you out!

Now leave me be. I am just about finishing my 90th game of Solitaire!

P.S. All these tips are based on personal experiences which happen to me each and every day. And yes, I AM a subbie.

Thursday, 21 May, 2009

Fake friends

I'm feeling so pissed off right now, I don't even know where to begin.

What is the deal with fake friends and fake friendship?

Why so many expectations?

The fake smiles, the fake 'i care for yous', the fake 'i love yous'.

No you don't care about me, you don't love me.

Why this facade? You know you will forget me in a matter of months.

Then why this fake friendship?


Wednesday, 20 May, 2009


It's been about two years now, since I finished the SCM course. I woke up this morning with a sudden sense of nostalgia. I realized I was missing the place. I was missing everything that happened to me, everything that changed me, when I was in SCM.

For those of you who don't know, SCM is short for Social Communication Media, which is also a fancier version of just saying Mass Communication. It's offers all subjects in Mass Communication within a year, but only to women! (Girl power!). It was quite a task we accomplished, finishing this course. If you want to know more about the course, go here.

Perhaps the most fun we had was while shooting for our documentaries. Our group made one on the NGO 'Childline'. It was a lot of fun shooting, and when I was not on camera duty, I was put on production. That happened to be as much fun as shooting itself.

We mostly shot around Mumbai Central station. As every bombay dweller knows, every station in bombay is crowded. Mumbai Central is a hub station, since outstation trains also stop here. So anyway, we would set up our shooting equipments, and a huge crowd would gather, wanting to see what we were doing.

We wanted to keep the shoot as natural as possible, and a hoard of people looking directly at the camera didn't do so. So when I was on production duty, I came up with a solution.

As soon as people would start gathering, I'd scream on top of my lungs "Arre bhai, yahan Shahrukh Khan nahi aane waala hai..please side..side..side!" People would stare at me with bewildered expressions, but it managed to do the work. They would go away. Eventually! Ms. G, the other production person followed suit, and would do the same whenever I was on the camera.

There were so many other fun and amazing moments, which I will share soon. But this is all for now!

Sunday, 17 May, 2009

MAC Haul and a grouse

Every girl has an addiction.

My beautiful wifey Nikki is addicted to heels.

As for me, I'm addicted to makeup.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a makeup hoarder. I've loved creamy glosses, smoky liners, sparkly blushes..the list in endless! But my philosophy has always been less is more. But, more on that later.

My birthday is coming now, in a matter of two weeks! (May 30th). It has also been a while since I did a good makeup haul. MAC just launched in Inorbit Mall, and well, all my dreams came true! :D

So there I was, standing like a kid in a chocolate factory, staring at the smorgasbord of makeup all around me. I drooled, drooled some more, and finally made a beeline to something I have always wanted to buy - Lipglass!

I brought two gorguss colours, and just to make you jealous, here are some pictures..

Ooh, I wonder what's inside?!

Lychee Luxe and Flashmode? Sounds like love!

Lychee Luxe is delicious!

Flashmode...Very flashy indeed!

Here are the two beauties together. Sigh. I'm in love!

Needless to say, I'm never throwing away the packaging, and I'm going to use these on very special occasions! My very first MAC makeup! Whee!

Now on to the grouse.

Have you ever noticed the women who are trying to sell makeup to you? Oh my GOD! Who told them it's cool to slop high amounts of blue eyeshadow and red lipstick? Geez!

The ladies at MAC were no different. Dressed in black from head to toe, and it looked like a drag queen had done their makeup. I was appalled! If after using their makeup we'll end up looking like trannies, then thanks, I don't want any! Sheesh!

That'll be all for today! :)

Friday, 15 May, 2009

Robin! What have I done to you?

Lol. This is so hilarious!!

I'm not explaining anything. I hope you are SMART ENOUGH (-points to RadRid-) to understand!

LOL! Can't stop laughing!

Thursday, 14 May, 2009

Drumroll please!

Hi everyone! Today is the last post in the 'Celebration' series, and it's going out with a BANG!

And here it is, the final post. Consider this a continuation of something I have done in the past.

YES! It's 'Quotes' by THE J Mudoh.

Having trouble remembering? Read this first.

Here it is, the second installment of 'Quotes you will remember forever!'

Random conversation on the phone:

Me: Ok, so give me a quote.

J-Man: I wanted to give you this for the last post, but I guess you can use it now: "When I'm asleep, I love not to wake. When I'm awake, I love not to sleep.

Me: I thought you were gonna give you your 'did you know*....' waala quote.

J-Man: Ohh...which one..? Do you know i have...tubelight wala? (insert me laughing here). The funny thing is, I am the only one who is going to find this funny.

Me: Next!

J-Man: hmm..hmm...hmm..hmmm? Ok here it is - People who read subtitles are blind.

Me: Wtf?

J-Man: This has a deep meaning, you see! A movie is watched for a movie, not for it's subtitles! So, in effect contradictory, if you read subs, you are blind. (Long pause, and a sigh) See, I have made it easy for you slow people!

Me: ooooohhh!

J-Man: Are you typing everything I'm saying?

Me: Almost!

J-Man: (Pause) I'm not saying anything right now. (Hears typing) You wrote that too?

Ok you want to write something, write this! - (singing) la la la la la la la la la la la la laaaaa

You wrote that too? Ha..ha..ha..ha..haa..haaa..giggle giggle giggle.

Me: Ok, so that's giggle, giggle, giggle.

J-Man: Fyi, I don't giggle anymore. I'm not a metrosexual anymore.

Me: Were you ever?

J-Man: No (laughter)

Do you know what I had for dinner?**

Me: Lunch.

J-Man: Oh. hahahahahahaha.

Yeah, so I had 2 glasses of lime juice, 2 glasses of lassi, rice, 2 more glasses of lassi, chocolate, bourbon biscuits, that's s, I'm going to have tea. Fully loaded with alcohol, I mean sugar, I mean...good stuff. Yeah.

Random quote by J-Man: I feel offensive.

* tube-light waala: J-Man has an electric starter tube-light in his room. So, in his words, when he switches on the light, it switches on immediately 'TING!'. He has also mentioned this fact to be about 5 billion times, and he says it each time like he is saying it for the first time.

** what I had for dinner: J-Man doesn't know time. He always says "Have a good dinner", when it's lunch time and vice versa. Also, he doesn't do it on purpose. :|

Ok I'm done! I hope you enjoyed reading this, as much fun as I had being in the coversation! It's always fun talking to the J-Man! If you liked this, let me know..maybe I will make this a more recurring feature!

Also, thank you all again for supporting me! Thank you to all the contributors, you increased my humble blog's 'shaan'. :)

Now, I go on to being my own regular, random self!



Wednesday, 13 May, 2009

Love, Love, Love, Love

I'm not giving any introduction to this for fear for my life.

Just, it's not written by me.



Settling of dust
As the last speck rests
New visions unfold
Like a pot of Gold.
In those bleary eyes
I envisage
My dreams yet again
I sew them with love and pain.
You sprinkle
Those cool droplets on my soul
Feeding my existence
Fading away my penance.
On new shores
My ship wants to move
To withdraw the anchor
And immobility too.
Voices around
Don’t cause a sound
A flutter from you
Causes feelings renewed.
Oh! How I go
From the couldrons of my mind
For you there
Is all that binds.


Have I saved the best for last? Tune in to find out!

Tuesday, 12 May, 2009

The Incredible Bulk

My sister, the great PJ, has sent me this hilarious post about anger management. I am still laughing hard! Enjoy! :)


Today I, Priyanka Joshi, will be reveling my one and only true identity. Yes, at home or at college you might call me “The girl with the short hair” or “The girl with the average height” or “The girl with the chipped tooth” but that all changes when it comes to me on the road.

The moment I’m stuck in traffic or am being pushed around by discount craving, mall hopping, Sunday shopping women, who just can’t apologize, my true identity is reveled, “The Incredible Bulk”.

The fury starts from my toes and in a flash reaches my cranium and the blood bath begins and the arena is in my head.

A choke slam to the auto wala who just overtook my ride.

A kick to the mid section to the man who is crossing the road in a blur, though any minute now a vehicle will kill him in a second, and yet gloat while going to the other side (I have seen more intelligent chicken).

A punch in the jaw to the sorry excuse of a woman who just can’t stop screaming out to her kids to grab the last bag of discount rajma so that she can fart on their faces the next time they cause trouble.

A knife through the intestine of the auto walas who communicate in 3 ways when you tell them your destination:

1. If the answer is yes then they just stare at you expecting you to understand that the stare means a yes.

2. If the answer is no then nod their head and go away.

3. And the worst of them all, the ones whose answer is no and don't even bother to tell you if they will go. The simply dash away without saying anything, like they are the reincarnation of speed racer himself.

However, since these things can send me to court, leading to imprisonment, 70 years in jail through trial and finally a death sentence I perform these acts in my head. It is a sorry excuse of a life I know. Yet, if you ever find me glaring at you, flaring my nostrils, shaking my head and clenching my jaw you know that you are currently being mutilated.

Hahahah! This was so hilarious! Only two more posts left! :)

Monday, 11 May, 2009

Hindi Hain Hum!

Here's a poem Rashmi has donated to me, and it just happens to be in Hindi! Check out her blog.

Naya Saal...
Aaya naya saal nayi tarange nayi umenge lekar
baaton hi baaton beeta peechla kayi sapne dubokar
par kehta hai ye dil mera
har raat ka hai ek naya savera

kuch aisi yaadein joo peeche chooth gayiin
kuch aise pal joo saath chood gaye
yaad aate hain woh din bitaye the joo saath humne
bhool payenge naa unhe chahe kisi haalat mein

ek uljhan mein hai dil humara
kaise swagat karen iss naye saal ka
bahein faela kar ya aankhein jhuka kar
mann kii toh uljhan sulajh naa payi kabhi
par khush rahenge hum bhi ye wada hai
kiya humne khudse yahin bas yahin abhi.....

Just two more days left for celebration..Then I go back to my regular, random, blabbering posts! :)

<3 you all!

Saturday, 9 May, 2009

Wish I was there!

Here's a write-up by my good friend Srividya on Dajipur. It's written so well, my wanderer soul has started stirring! Wishing I was there!

The best way to escape from the city’s overcrowded and polluted atmosphere is to get closer to nature. The rigid terrain of the Western Ghats with varieties of flora and fauna is one such inviting place- being the strength of the Western coast of India; it is also home to many places worth visiting that are not yet tourist destinations. It was November when we visited Dajipur, which lies on the border of Sindhudurg and Kolhapur districts, 20 kms from Radhanagari. Radhanagari is accessible by road, rail or air via Kolhapur, the nearest city. Radhanagari is around 60 km from Kolhapur, on the Kolhapur-Deogad state highway.

Radhanagari dam was completed in 1935 and was built with the support of Shahu Maharaj. After the independence of India, the nearby forest area was converted into “Dajipur Reserve forest” and some tourist facilities sprung up. Dajipur is a small village with about 20- 25 houses that rests approximately 3,000 feet above sea level. The months between September and December are ideal for a visit to this region. The landscape is predominantly rugged and mountainous. The journey up to Dajipur is an exciting one with views of waterfalls from the ghat section. Minds are automatically diverted by the sound of gushing waters, chirping of birds and the sight of trees in full bloom.

There is a resort on the outskirts of the wildlife sanctuary that protects wild bison - The Bison Jungle Resort. The other scenic resorts that are extremely popular among tourists are the backwaters of Radhanagari Dam. The Bison Resort is well known for bison (around 500), which are the tallest and the most splendid of living wild oxen. These animals of 6 ½ feet in height look majestic. Tourists can spot bulls and calves running with their mother or a large herd grazing in the forest, which is a treat to the eyes and one can recall with delight years later. Other animals, sheltered in the sanctuary are leopards (black panthers), sloth bears, wild boars, barking deer, mouse deer, sambar, giant squirrels and wild dogs. The resort has dormitories with beds and it is surrounded by hills on one side and a lake on the other side. After reaching the resort, we were escorted to the sanctuary that has strict security at the gates. In the forest area, we stopped by the Gagangiri Maharaj Tapovan where tribals are trained to make things out of naturally available materials (fruit juices, herbal powders and oils).

As we walked along the trail we came across the Gawakund (‘gawa’ is bison and ‘kund’ is waterhole). It was amazing to see the huge wild bison quenching their thirst at this waterhole. To avoid mishaps, there is a stone tower built from where we can see the animals in their natural surroundings without disturbing them. The sambar kund waterhole for the deer is surrounded by thick herbal foliage and is a source for herbs used in Ayurvedic medicines. There are scenic waterfalls on the steep slopes at regular intervals that add to the beauty of this place.

It was from the sanctuary that one can get a view of the Mohd. Wadi dam, which is one of the highest dams in Maharashtra. There are warnings telling visitors to avoid making fires and setting up camps in the forest due to reptiles and wildcats.

The next morning welcomed us with the sight of the rising sun’s first rays hitting the waters of the lake that created an incredible silver outline for lake. It was a spectacular sight. After spending some time admiring this, we proceeded to Amboli - a hill station about 100 kms south of Dajipur and at 3000 feet above sea level. It is well known for the seven Maratha forts and also for honey. Located at the southern range of the western ghat, the beautiful hill station of Amboli is the last mountain resort after which the plains lead to the beaches. The scenic beauty of the place is simply astounding. There is a place called the Seaview Point and people gather here to watch the beautiful Konkan beach. You can simply while away you time here without a worry in the world.

Amboli is also home to two of the biggest waterfalls in Maharashtra - one which is 9 kms south of Amboli and the other which is 4 kms in the north. Amboli one of the world's "Eco Hot-Spots" and it abounds in a variety of fairly unique flora and fauna. The main attraction for tourists is the numerous waterfalls and mist during the monsoons. There are around 5 decent (and relatively cheap) hotels at Amboli although none of them offer any guided tours into the forests, the main attraction of this hill station.

There are quite a few places of interest here. At Hiranya Keshi you can sit on hours angling for fish or you may even if you please go for a picnic at the Nagatta Falls. We had a wonderful time at the source of Hiranyakesi River, a holy river for the Maharashtrians that flows into the river Krishna. The Shiva temple inside a cave with impressions on the walls is worthy of appreciation too.

Overall, it was a delightful and memorable trip to these beautiful places that are off the beaten path. Happy on reaching and being closer than ever to nature, and sad on having to leave this place of tranquility and abundant beauty only to return to the polluted and noisy city environment again made our hearts sink.

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did! :)

Thursday, 7 May, 2009


My bestest friend ever RadRid has donated something very out of the blue for out of focus. And well, here she is :)

Aww! Aint she cute? The rationale behind RadRid in giving me this bowine is "I wanted to give you something random, cause your blog is random too" Much appreciated girle!

Now for the naming ceremony. I think I'm gonna call her Basanti! Moo Basanti..Mooo!!!!

P.S. I know the cow's name is Dhanno and not Basanti. Moo.

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101st post!

Now for the surprises!

First, I would like you to visit my food blog, started a few days back!! ( It's an attempt at sharing what I know about food with everyone else! Do visit, comment, and follow!

Second, my beautiful friends have donated a post for my blog! Let's start with my beautiful wife (ahem!), Nikki, from Ire

She has sent over a hilarious poem she wrote a while back. It is an ode of sorts of an aging perv. She claims this is the first poem she has written that rhymes! She is truly one of the best poets I have ever known in person. Definitely go check out her blog. For now, here's Ode to a Perv!

This is a story of an old perv
He enjoyed admiring 20 year olds' curves.

He thought he was young
Girls thought he smelled like dung.

He loved holding their hands to kiss
While they preferred to miss!

He thought he was artistic and fancy
He could well qualify for a pansy.

He thought he was cool and made women drool
While they contemplated to push into the pool.

He said he owned wine, pearls and art
They thought he was an ugly old fart!

They said, "He was a waste"
While he thought he had taste.

Sigh, oh sigh and more sigh...
His dirty thoughts gave him a high
But left the girl feeling awry!

Such is the story of the cumbersome perv,
Who thought himself to be a man of the world,
But afterall he was just an old old perv!!!

Hilarious I tell ya!

Coming up next, a very special drawing by RadRid! :)

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100 Posts!!!

Hello everyone!

Today is a great day! Today, my baby, Out of Focus, completes 100 posts!

I began this blog as a small portal where I can share my feelings, thoughts, and musings. I had no idea it would become popular amongst a small population of you guys. It delights me to know that you guys like what I write, what I feel.

A big thank you to you all for making this blog happen! You are all great people!

As a sort of "celebration", some big surprises are coming up! So do wait for it!!

Love to all!