Wednesday, 13 May, 2009

Love, Love, Love, Love

I'm not giving any introduction to this for fear for my life.

Just, it's not written by me.



Settling of dust
As the last speck rests
New visions unfold
Like a pot of Gold.
In those bleary eyes
I envisage
My dreams yet again
I sew them with love and pain.
You sprinkle
Those cool droplets on my soul
Feeding my existence
Fading away my penance.
On new shores
My ship wants to move
To withdraw the anchor
And immobility too.
Voices around
Don’t cause a sound
A flutter from you
Causes feelings renewed.
Oh! How I go
From the couldrons of my mind
For you there
Is all that binds.


Have I saved the best for last? Tune in to find out!