Sunday, 17 May, 2009

MAC Haul and a grouse

Every girl has an addiction.

My beautiful wifey Nikki is addicted to heels.

As for me, I'm addicted to makeup.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a makeup hoarder. I've loved creamy glosses, smoky liners, sparkly blushes..the list in endless! But my philosophy has always been less is more. But, more on that later.

My birthday is coming now, in a matter of two weeks! (May 30th). It has also been a while since I did a good makeup haul. MAC just launched in Inorbit Mall, and well, all my dreams came true! :D

So there I was, standing like a kid in a chocolate factory, staring at the smorgasbord of makeup all around me. I drooled, drooled some more, and finally made a beeline to something I have always wanted to buy - Lipglass!

I brought two gorguss colours, and just to make you jealous, here are some pictures..

Ooh, I wonder what's inside?!

Lychee Luxe and Flashmode? Sounds like love!

Lychee Luxe is delicious!

Flashmode...Very flashy indeed!

Here are the two beauties together. Sigh. I'm in love!

Needless to say, I'm never throwing away the packaging, and I'm going to use these on very special occasions! My very first MAC makeup! Whee!

Now on to the grouse.

Have you ever noticed the women who are trying to sell makeup to you? Oh my GOD! Who told them it's cool to slop high amounts of blue eyeshadow and red lipstick? Geez!

The ladies at MAC were no different. Dressed in black from head to toe, and it looked like a drag queen had done their makeup. I was appalled! If after using their makeup we'll end up looking like trannies, then thanks, I don't want any! Sheesh!

That'll be all for today! :)


Himanshu said...

doesn't make me jealous...wonder why? :D

Iggy said...

You're not jealous today.

But just you wait!

Nikki said...

First-I love the colours...!!!

Great going. Second- I don't understand how they suddenly discover blue eyeshadow! I barely look at them while I buy my makeup and strictly stick to my own ideas and not theirs!


Iggy said...

That's exactly how I got to buying from MAC! Otherwise --- yeech!


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Raghav said...

they put all that makeup on cos they are makeup mannequins!

Iggy said...

@ Yaba: WHYYYYYYYYYY?!!!!!!!!!!!! Your comments are NEEDED!!!

@ Raghav: Well, those mannequins are hawking really ugly makeup then!