Thursday, 14 May, 2009

Drumroll please!

Hi everyone! Today is the last post in the 'Celebration' series, and it's going out with a BANG!

And here it is, the final post. Consider this a continuation of something I have done in the past.

YES! It's 'Quotes' by THE J Mudoh.

Having trouble remembering? Read this first.

Here it is, the second installment of 'Quotes you will remember forever!'

Random conversation on the phone:

Me: Ok, so give me a quote.

J-Man: I wanted to give you this for the last post, but I guess you can use it now: "When I'm asleep, I love not to wake. When I'm awake, I love not to sleep.

Me: I thought you were gonna give you your 'did you know*....' waala quote.

J-Man: Ohh...which one..? Do you know i have...tubelight wala? (insert me laughing here). The funny thing is, I am the only one who is going to find this funny.

Me: Next!

J-Man: hmm..hmm...hmm..hmmm? Ok here it is - People who read subtitles are blind.

Me: Wtf?

J-Man: This has a deep meaning, you see! A movie is watched for a movie, not for it's subtitles! So, in effect contradictory, if you read subs, you are blind. (Long pause, and a sigh) See, I have made it easy for you slow people!

Me: ooooohhh!

J-Man: Are you typing everything I'm saying?

Me: Almost!

J-Man: (Pause) I'm not saying anything right now. (Hears typing) You wrote that too?

Ok you want to write something, write this! - (singing) la la la la la la la la la la la la laaaaa

You wrote that too? Ha..ha..ha..ha..haa..haaa..giggle giggle giggle.

Me: Ok, so that's giggle, giggle, giggle.

J-Man: Fyi, I don't giggle anymore. I'm not a metrosexual anymore.

Me: Were you ever?

J-Man: No (laughter)

Do you know what I had for dinner?**

Me: Lunch.

J-Man: Oh. hahahahahahaha.

Yeah, so I had 2 glasses of lime juice, 2 glasses of lassi, rice, 2 more glasses of lassi, chocolate, bourbon biscuits, that's s, I'm going to have tea. Fully loaded with alcohol, I mean sugar, I mean...good stuff. Yeah.

Random quote by J-Man: I feel offensive.

* tube-light waala: J-Man has an electric starter tube-light in his room. So, in his words, when he switches on the light, it switches on immediately 'TING!'. He has also mentioned this fact to be about 5 billion times, and he says it each time like he is saying it for the first time.

** what I had for dinner: J-Man doesn't know time. He always says "Have a good dinner", when it's lunch time and vice versa. Also, he doesn't do it on purpose. :|

Ok I'm done! I hope you enjoyed reading this, as much fun as I had being in the coversation! It's always fun talking to the J-Man! If you liked this, let me know..maybe I will make this a more recurring feature!

Also, thank you all again for supporting me! Thank you to all the contributors, you increased my humble blog's 'shaan'. :)

Now, I go on to being my own regular, random self!




Rashmi said...

LOLz, i loved it plz carry this convo forward and post more such convo's :)nd yeah i did drumrolled.....drooooooo drooooooo dn bang( i fell down ya)

Iggy said...

lol! :D

P WOman arrives said...

very nice and funny!