Tuesday, 26 May, 2009

That Night

(Strong language, depictions ahead. Read at your own discretion!)

15th September, 2004
Mumbai, 3 AM.

"You like that bitch? Yeah, yeah?"

He pumped harder and harder. Her body was writhing in pain, struggling under him. But he couldn't hear her screams, for they were only muffled. Raj had gagged her, while Sameer pinned her hands down. They were both looking at her, lust in their eyes, drool dripping from their chins.

"I'm next," Sameer said, wiping the sweat of his brow.

"Fuck off dude, it's my turn," Raj growled, pushing Sameer.

"Will you two shut the fuck up?" Yash groaned, his body heaving. He got up from the now-still body, and pulled up his jeans. "I'm going for a smoke. You fucks finish this cunt."

Yash walked away from the scene, and muffled screams filled the empty parking lot again. He had almost reached his car, when he felt something shuffling beside him. He turned suddenly, but he didn't see anything. He shook his head and started walking again. Was he loosing it?

There was an eerie silence as he reached his car. He couldn't even hear the girl's screams anymore. He reached into his pocket to get his keys, and fumbled with it. With a clang the keys fell to the ground, and rolled under the car.

Shakily, Yash reached down to get them. He reached underneath the car. He felt his hand brush into something furry, and suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his palm. "Argh!" he cried, pulling back, and looked at his hand. Three deep gashes had formed, blood seeping out.

"Fuck!" he said, tears stinging his eyes. He kicked his car, and from underneath, a black cat walked out. It was an unusual looking cat. A regular cat would have run away, but this one stood still. It was looking up at Yash, its black fur gleaming in the moonlight. The whites of its' eyes were so clear, it was almost as if it didn't have any pupils at all.

"What are you looking at pussy cat?" Yash growled, pressing his hand. The cat continued staring at him. It didn't move a muscle. "What? You wanna scratch me some more ha? Stupid fucking cat!" With a gusto, he kicked the cat right in the face. It fell down motionless, but didn't get up.

He walked over to the cat and nudged it a little with his shoe. It wasn't moving, limp and lifeless. "Good riddance!" he said, getting into his car and liting up a cigarette. Some time later, Sameer and Raj joined him.

"What did you do with her?" Yash asked. "Who gives a fuck," Sameer replied, "Now hand me that cigarette and let's get the fuck out of here."

The three of them piled into the car, and sped away.

The cat was still lying there. It wasn't breathing, it wasn't moving.

In fact, it had been dead for the last 200 years.



Nikki said...

Good Lord! Too much...I have goose bumps.

Rashmi said...

I am dumbstruck :(

Meghana Naidu said...

For me the part that stood out most was

*"Fuck!" he said, tears stinging his eyes*

you feel pain too? are you still human?

will wait for the continuation.

IcyCoolDubey said...

I can't wait to read more....

P WOman arrives said...

Woah!!! AWESOME!!