Thursday, 6 August, 2009

GM Diet - Day 3

Forward March! It's Day 3 of GM diet. And yes, I have some good news!! I have lost 2 kgs! (That's 4 lbs, I think!) Wow, I am happy, and even more motivated to continue in this quest!

Though there are some weird things happening to my appetite. On the first day, I was really craving carbohydrates, but today I have come to a point where I have almost forgotten what bread tastes like! I have this constant feeling of fullness, but I am also craving something. I just can't understand what, though. Anyway, today is fruits and veg day. Let's see how it goes!

7:00 am: Woke up with a nauseating sensation. Felt awfully full and like I was going to throw up.
8:00 am: Ate an apple halfheartedly.
9:30 am: Ate half a bowl of papaya. Felt extremely nauseous, so could not finish the rest.
1:00 pm: Ate another 100kgs of salad. Couldn't finish the whole thing, once again. Was too nauseous.
3:30 pm: Craving for toast and butter. Finally! I know what my body craves!
4:00 pm: Two sweet limes. Gag reflexes back.
7:30 pm: Palak and tomato soup. Bleargh.
9:00 pm: Bottle Gourd again. YUCK

Today was truly a challenge. OMG. I can't look at another carrot for as long as I am alive.

If today was bad, tomorrow is like Mount Everest for me. Banana and milk. But I'm going to be like Edmund Hillary and climb that shit!

Wish me luck!

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