Tuesday, 4 August, 2009

GM Diet - Day 1

Hello peeps! It's time I did some changes in my life, given my back problem and stuff. But anyway, I don't want to bore you with that.

So let's talk about GM diet. Does anyone know about it? Well, I did some research, and found out that GM actually stands for General Motors! This diet was designed for employees of GM to help them have a healthier lifestyle. It balances out the chemicals in your body, and so help you reduce weight. My colleague tried this diet and lost 4 kgs in one week! :O The best part of the diet is that you don't have to starve yourself. You can eat as much as you want to, but only what is prescribed for the day.

So here I am, trying the GM diet. It's a one week diet, and I thought it would be nice to chronicle this 'epic' event. Today is all fruit day. I am averse to too much sweet, so this is going to be a challenge! Wish me luck, and here we go! :)

7:00 am: Woke up
7:45 am: Munched on an apple. Craving for an omelet and toast.
9:40 am: Ate an entire papaya. Craving for roti.
1:00 pm: Ate some watermelon. Feeling numb and light-headed.
3:55 pm: OMG! I really need carbohydrates!!!
4:30 pm: Ate some sweet limes like a rabid dog. Licked some salt and thanked The Almighty for creating it. Feeling a little better.
6:00 pm: Had some coconut water. Enjoyed the taste!
6:30 pm: Saw a Pizza special episode on Food Paradise. Almost died.
7:00 pm: Had some pomegranate. Felt full.
9:00 pm: Had an apple. Not feeling bad at all!

Phew. So that does it with the food intake for today. I felt a little numb and weird all day long. But right now I'm feeling good. I think I can last this week!! Hoping for the best!

If you would like to try the diet out yourself, visit this website.

I hope I can make it through to the seven days!


Rash said...


Nikki said...

I was asked to try it once. I read it and tore the paper. I am not following this.

Any point of time you think you cannot handle, don't go ahead with it. I don't believe in diets.

Kaddu said...

Salt is must. The light headed feeling comes from lack of salt. BP level goes down actually. Whatever you eat, even fruits and all... do sprinkle some salt on it.

I tried this once back in end of 2004... couldn't complete it though. Don't remember exactly what happened, but I think I got stuck on the last day... couldn't arrange for some of the stuff to be eaten that day.

Btw, the link you have given in your post doesn't work... it says "Sorry, has been banned." Did you copy paste the content to WORD or something? If yes, then can you please email it to me? My id is given in my blogger profile.

Iggy said...

@ Rash: :D Wish me luck girl!

@ Nikki: I know even I'm not a believer of diets, but since I saw my colleague do ti, I was inspired. Let's see if I can last this week!

@ Kaddu: Agreed. I just cant do without salts! As for the link, it is working when I checked it! I'll still mail it to you :)

dusky hues said...

Lady, thou shalt conquer GM!

Anoop said...

Oh... i was googling, and found this blog...

Interesting. I started Day 1 yesterday. Lets see how far I goes. And how much I loose...

I am 100, to start off with.

Day 1 was grapes, guava, orange and grape fruit, and black sugar less tea...