Wednesday, 5 August, 2009

GM Diet - Day 2

Yesterday was really really hard! I really thought I would not be able to last the day, let alone the week. But I pushed through, and I survived! Today is all veggie day, and I think this should be better (I hope I don't regret saying this by the end of the day! hehe)

7:00 am: Woke up feeling full, strangely!
7:45 am: Ate a baked potato. Relished it, in fact!
9:40 am: Ate raw cabbage. Hated the after taste, but feeling quite full.
1:00 pm: Munched on at least 100kgs of salad. Ate some beetroot, and looked like a vampire.
2:32 pm: Feels like I'm gonna puke.
4:00 pm: Had a tomato and some more salad. Can't eat anything more now or I'll explode!
7:00 pm: Drank some pretty unappetizing looking Spinach-Tomato soup. But it didn't taste so bad.
9:00 pm: Ate a bowl of bottle gourd. BLEARGH!

And that was my food intake for the day. I felt kind of light through the day, but also extremely sleepy. I think that's a good thing, cause I can sleep now to get my mind of food :)

You know, I think I'm gonna last :) 2 days down, 5 more to go!

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