Monday, 17 August, 2009

Get over it!

Swine flu - the latest 'pandemic' hitting the world. It's the next worst thing since the Spanish influenza that had killed millions in 1918.

Swine flu's latest victim - Bombay.

Are we in panic? Hell yeah.

Should we panic? Hell no.

Every other news channel you flip through, you'll see the Arnabs and the Rajdeeps hollering 'Swine flu! Swine flu! Oink Oink!' If you are ready to buy into the hype they are causing, then you better be walking around wearing condoms - AIDS kills more people all over the world than what Swine flu has.

People are walking around wearing masks like Doomsday has come over us. But once they are eating or talking, they take it down and put it on again. That makes you twice more vulnerable to getting infected than walking around maskless.

I must admit, I had initially bought into the hype. My sister came home one day with a cough and a sneeze, and I ran around the house tearing out my hair thinking it was swine flu. I practically begged her to go to Kasturba and get checked for an infection. Luckily she didn't go, and I too got rid of my paranoia.

With the wise words of Douglas Adams in 'A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy', I conclude :

Don't panic.

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Shawn McMurphy said...

Absolutely..there isn't any reason to panic!