Wednesday, 27 May, 2009

That Night - II

(Before reading this, please read the first part. Or it wont make any sense. Strong language and theme ahead. Read at your own discretion. LONG POST AHEAD!)

16th September, 2004
Mumbai, 11 pm

Yash was exhausted. He had reached home at 9 in the morning and had been holed up in his room the whole time. He didn't know what he was feeling, but there was a strange sensation inside him. "It's probably just adrenaline" he thought to himself. After all, he had pulled off something he had been planning to do for a while now. Oddly enough, he didn't feel happy about his 'success'. He was just exhausted.

It was 11:30 in the night and Yash was on his bed. He stared at his hand, the blood had dried, and it felt numb. The painkillers were working. His heart raced as he thought about the events of the night before. A shiver ran through his spine as the image of the cat came to his mind. He shuddered. He closed his eyes and drifted to sleep.

He didn't know when, but he woke up with a start. His eyes were wide open and he looked around the room. It was pitch dark, so all he saw was blackness. He was covered in sweat and breathing hard. "Relax..relax.." he whispered to himself.

He was about to close his eyes again when he heard a loud creak. He stopped breathing. Another creak. "Who's there?" he said loudly. He wanted to sit up, but he felt a strong force pushing him down. "What..what's going on?" he said again, his mouth dry.

He felt something on his leg. And whatever it was, it was making it's way to his chest. He opened his mouth to scream, but no voice came out. It was all a vacuum. He was breathing hard now, scared out of his mind. His chest felt heavy all of a sudden, something was weighing it down. A pair of white eyes stared directly at him.

The eyes were shining bright, and there was hardly any black. Yash had seen those eyes before. The eyes got closer and closer till they were only an inch away from his. It was the cat, and it had come back for some unfinished business.

Yash was struggling hard, but he just couldn't move. He tried screaming. He even began chanting in his mind. The eyes were staring right at him. He felt like they were pulling him in. There was a flash of white, and Yash was transported back to the fateful night. He stood there, watching him and his friend's forcing themselves on the girl. He saw the girl screaming in pain, tears streming down her eyes. He saw Sameer hitting her repeatedly. He covered his eyes, and screamed in silence.

He was back in his room, the white eyes still on him. This had to be a dream. "Wake up Yash..wake up!" The cat began purring. It was walking away from his chest. He felt the blood rushing to his head, shaking horribly. He felt the cat trailing down his stomach, it's paws padding against his body. Suddenly it stopped. Yash wished there was light so he could at least see where the cat was.

The cat was sitting right below his belly button, and its paws were digging deep into his skin. And the claws kept growing, and growing till they had completely penetrated inside him. He screamed in pain as he felt one paw pulling out his body.

The cat raised its paw, and swiped hard. Yash screamed out loud, but the world around him slept in peace, for he could not be heard.
17th September, 2004
Mumbai, 9 am

Sunita Choudhary was pounding on Yash's room. "Wake up beta, you'll be late for work!". She waited a good five minutes before she opened the door.

Suddenly, a black cat emerged from the room. It looked up at Sunita, purred, and slinked past her. Sunita screamed and stumbled into his room. It was completely dark. "Yash...Yash?" he was lying on his bed, and wasn't moving a muscle.

She opened the curtains, and looked at her son. She screamed and fell faint.

His eyes were rolled all the way up the socket.

What used to be white linen sheets were now a bloody mess.

His crotch was severed, mutilated, in fact. There was nothing there but a deep depression.

The cat stood outside his house momentarily. Licked it's paws. And it was gone.

The deed was done.



Himanshu said...

lady - u better finish this post soon. it is eerie..but its own way...kind of like a good Indian horror movie :P

P WOman arrives said...

Superb! Haunting..very eerie..

Have to disagree with Himanshu! This was nothing like an Indian horror movie! Ramsay brothers suck ARSE!

Rashmi said...

Will you get the third part soon, damn i can't wait.
Btw you looking very cute in this pic :)

Nikki said...

Sigh! This is great!

P.S: All rapists need to be treated this way!

IcyCoolDubey said...

Jai hanuman gyaan gun sagar, jai kapish tihu lok ujagar....

Meghana Naidu said...


*waits for part 3*