Monday, 24 September, 2007

India, and cricket.

One day, I decided I liked cricket. And I began watching matches involving India.

Then, I noticed that whenever I watched, India lost.

I stopped watching cricket.

I didn't watch for a long time.

Then, I thought maybe the jinx was lifted, and I decided to watch India vs Pak, the final.

The moment I switched on to ESPN, one Indian wicket was taken (I swear I'm not lying). So, I didn't watch the whole match. Then Pakistan began batting. It was the final over and only one wicket remaining and 6 runs to win. I got nervous. It was for the good of the country, so I changed the channel. As soon as I did, whoops and wohoos from the other room. I switch back to ESPN, and India won.

Jinx or co-incidence?
You decide.

The End
P.S. Go India!


disillussioned_me said...

Wohooo lolz tht was an amazing match...babes you missed the action..but never mind. WE WON WE WON WE WON...yippppeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Iggy said...

Yay! :D