Thursday, 15 November, 2007

The trouble with hair.

Of all the people with bad hair in this world, I admit, I score in the top 10 list. My hair is wild, frizzy, curly, dry and badly molested by the hair dryer. To top it off, I have been blessed with never ending split ends. But I still love my hair. It's a major chunk of who I am, and a lot of my personality rests solely on my hair (yes, I am -that- pathetic)

But what happens when you have hair that is "different"? When your hair is the "other"? Of course, people try to give you suggestions. Needed, or otherwise.

"Oohh! You must try this oil..your hair will be silky smooth in no time!"
"This serum rules. Try it."
"Tie it up."
"Leave it open."

But there is one suggestion that has been after me from the time it came to India. Straightening.

This term has truly become a bane on my hair. Every salon I've been to, I've been suggested to straighten out my hair.

"Easy maintenance"
"You can style it any way you'd want!"

Sounds great, but then look around you. Every third person has hair that is artificially straight. Why do I have to be part of the crowd? I am my own individual. So, I smile politely, and ask them to simply to give me a hair cut.

And hair cutting is a different experience all together. If you go to the bigger salons, they'll try to shove their various hair products down your throat. There are about 500 hair products that I "must have!" (If I don't, will my hair fall off?)

Another problem with curly hair---you can't pull off bangs. Or so they say.
I got my hair cut today, and I asked for bangs. The hair dresser laughed at me. "You sure? You'll have to blow dry everyday!"
I said I would. And I would like curly bangs..they look good on some people!
He warned me against it, but I went forth anyway.

And now, I have bangs.
And it feels good.

The End.


Mudoh said... you got bangs huh
now you hear people saying and me being the first :D
"she (got) bangs..she (got) bangs" :P

Iggy said...

True dat :)