Tuesday, 24 June, 2008

Dear: pin pale

Till about a few years back, I used to write to people from all over the world, through snail-mail. These people were my pen-pals.

I remember how I excited I used to be, tearing open envelops which read 'Air Mail'. How amazing it was to see how a person who lived on the other side of the planet had views so similar to mine. The best part was the stationary they would use. Sometimes exquisite, sometimes cute, zany..so many different kinds. I used to, however, write on plain paper, since the only 'good' stationary available then was from Archies Gallery (which is really not nice!).

So one day, I received a letter from Bellevue, Washington, and it had to be the cutest letter I had ever received! It was from an eight year old girl named Taryn, and this is what it read:

And this is what Taryn looks like:

Isn't she sweet? I wrote back to her, and she wrote me back too..when she was all growed up! We never wrote back after that. And I now wounder what she's like!


Mudoh said...

She'll be in touch with again for shiz! :)
I never had a pen pale, how I regret it now :|
Her letter was really sweet and so is she :)

Iggy said...