Saturday, 28 November, 2009

I'd say it's kind of funny!

If there's one thing in my life that I have learned, it's that no matter how close you are to a person, he or she will use you. They will ring you out, juice you dry, till they have taken every opportunity to use you. Let me give you some examples.

There are some people you have never spoken to (and thanked your lucky stars) since school, and 5 years later, they add you on facebook. You 'peh' and 'meh' and add them, and for months, you will have no conversations, even on facebook.

Then one fine day, these long lost friends will ping you on the facebook chat, and have a conversation like this:

Friend: Hey!
Me: Oh Hi! (Why's he talking to me?)
F: Remember me?
M: Of course I do! (How can I forget those days when you bullied me to death!?)
F: Long time, huh?
M: Yeah.... (I wish it were longer)
F: So, what you doing these days?
M: Working at XYZ (*yawn*)
F: Oh cool!!! It's located at ABC, right?
M: Yeah... (ok where's this going?)
F: Do you know if there are any openings for an (insert educational field here) graduate?
M: Nope (I KNEW it!! Why else would he talk to me?)
F: Can you find out? Also, can you find out the pay package for a fresher?
M: I wouldn't know (EFF YOU!)

And then there are those, who are kind of friends, but only talk to you if they have some work to be done. They begin conversations with some formality, which soon leads to me having to do some work for them.

Friend: Hey beautiful!
Me: Hey gorgeous!!
F: How are you?
M: I'm good, you?
F: I'm fine's life?
M: All good! You tell me?
F: Sab changa hai!
M: Chalo good.
F: So, what's your take on pink nail polish?
M: What?!!!
F: Yeah! I'm doing this article on pink nail polish....just wanted your opinion..
M: Uhh...ok..well..I think pink nail polish is (15 minutes of typing)
F: Cool, thanks. Chall I'm busy now, talk to you later.

Then there are the blatant ones, who don't even do the formality, and get right down to business.

Friend: Hey
Me: Hi
F: Have some work.
M: What?
F: Can you upload that video of yours on my blog?
M: Oh HELL no.
F: Why?
M: First off all, you didn't even ask me how I'm doing. Secondly, I don't want to.
F: Ok. Bye.
M: Bye.

The point is, if you let anyone use you, they WILL use you. I have a hard time saying 'No' to people, I guess it's the spirit of helping people out in me. Maybe I should try using others me a favor, will ya? Comment on this post!

(P.S. I mean no offense to ANYONE in this post. Just sharing some anecdotes I'm sure most people go through!)


Skorz3ny said...

LOL...A good collection of A-holes, but I am sure is not an exhaustive one.

H said...

I don't chat with people because I hate to and I use IM mostly to ask people stuff so its not like I chat with some people only when I need them its like that with everyone and I keep the niceties to a minimum because I think it comes across as very fake!
This is beacuse I haste chatting in general so maybe not everyone's as bad!!

Rashmi said...

I can imagine your state tch tch ;)

P WOman arrives said...

loved the last part


so true...

Thousif Raza said...

you are so true when you say that, and its not just on chats in real life too its the same, after the work you are left alone :), sigh i hate that.......

take care and keep writing..............

Gyanban said...

i'd once seen someone wear a badge which read - I was born with an asshole...I don't need you. :-)

Lol nice post.

Karikalan said...

Even though I do not encourage the unknowns in the chat (not a great networker ha?), the post was great and reminds a lot to me ;-).

pawan said...

Forget chatting, they are like the sewer holes on the net. But, saying 'No' at the correct time is the best anyone can do.
It is said, successful people are always the ones who tell a 'No' without hesitation.

Congo on the tangy pick :)

Shilpa Garg said...

Interesting post! Have experienced all these types of chats!!
Congratulations for the Tangy Pick! :)

umangexuberance said...

you know what iggy
I totally love your blog, it makes me smile no matter how down and out i am
that is why you are one of my fav bloggers.
keep it rolling

Sorcerer said...

yeah you are right!!
there are some..but there are exceptions too

ek-aani said...

it is funny! n i love how u write (especially liked that line about '15 minutes of typing) "about pink nailpolish :-D

Standbymind said...

So true!!!

Sailing Through said...

thrz one mo catgry tht i came acrss wid..these r d ppl who call ya up only whn smthng gud happns in thr

Friend: Hey lady.. wassup??
Me: Nothing much...slogging in ma offc
F: knw wat babes? m goin on a weeks leave to go goa this weekend. m out fo shoppin thot of callin ya up.
M: Really?? (why d hell r u reportng it to me??)
F: yeah babe...its gonna b fun. thn thrz this cruise whr we wud b goin fr the new yr's party. my hubby got the passes fr it.
M: oh really...thts nice!!(y dont u tell me the menu honey??)
F: they'l b serving food n wine n guess wat it'l b free fr us. i think they'l hv italian n mexican food apart frm goan
M: Wow!! (how cud i undrestimate u??)
F: hows ur life going?
M: well..i wud b at home on new yr's eve. thrz sm problm in ofc i dont feel like goin anywhr (in short my lifez boring!!! :( )
F: Achha chal gotta go now wud call ya frm goa
M: Sure :) (NOOO!!! Dont evn do that I might kill fr nt listning to me eva)
F: Bye
M: yeah bye (Bitch!)

Berthyelia said...

Great way if describing people, life in general. and yes poeple will always be like that. not everyone talks to everyone just to say how you doin'? lol Social networking.

Anonymous said...

I had a new classic one in similar category. A so called self-claimed "friend" of mine started talking to me on messenger after years. We went to school together.

So ultimately, after hi hello bullshit, he started praising his gf. I mean wtf? I don't have time to know what colour sweater you bought your gf. I mean excuse me, I have a life unlike you desperado's!!!

Then like, I got busy with work and stuff and once I just logged into my messenger and he sends a msg again saying "where in the hell are you?" and all that bullshit pretending that he cares how i am doing. so i said i was busy.. and i logged off.

the thing is sometimes people don't give a shit about you. they have their own agendas and priorities. and mostly people want to show off. that's another thing i hate among some assholes.

but as you said, you should not let people use you. give them back a bit of their medicine and they are back on track!

wow, i realise this is a long comment. but i mean when i came across your blog, and read this post, i thought, wow this is so true! lolz


GlobPots said...

I don't bother with friends much, but I thought the whole point of them was that you can use them and they can use you. And, more to the point, you both WANT to be used. But what do I know? I'm happier alone in a dark room with the sound of Rammstein bouncing off the walls.