Monday, 2 August, 2010

And then..

My life was perfect.

The sun shined bright all hours of the day. That palm tree always swayed when a strong breeze blew. That chair, painted a shiny white which never faded. How I sat at my sun deck tanning my skin to the perfect shade. I remember those white birds flying in the distance.

I loved my 6pm walks on the beach. The sun wouldn't set, but the sky turned a beautiful shade of orange every day. There was no night. Just the sky changing colour - orange to purple to pink to blue and it was morning again. The sun always shone, its smile ever present.

My dog Tallahassee didn't do much. He sat next to my bed. He never barked, he didn't go for walks. He just sat there, tongue hanging from his mouth, a faint smile on his face. He never bothered me for walks either. He was just a very very quiet dog.

In this life I didn't do much. I was never hungry, so I didn't forage for food. I had all I needed, so I didn't work. I was quite content with my company, so I didn't bother socialising. I was happy.

This was my life. My cozy, comfortable life. It was perfect.

And then, today happened. I was lying on my chair, tanning, as usual. I felt a slight tremble. Strange, I thought. Within minutes I felt another tremble, but the intensity was stronger. I got up from my chair and ran to my room and hid under my bed. Tallahassee still wasn't moving. I called for him, but he sat there as always.

All of a sudden I saw something glimmering outside. The trembling had stopped so I gingerly stepped outside. Everything around was covered in shiny dust. I looked up and the dust was still falling. It covered me completely. What was this? I had never seen something like this before.

I was so scared. I ran right outside my home and to the streets to see what was happening. The shiny dust was still falling. I reached down and scooped a handful of the dust. So strange.

The trembling started again. The intensity was so strong this time, I found myself flung in the air. I screamed loudly and crashed against a white bird. It was stationary too. I held on to its wings, screaming the whole time.

My word was going topsy turvy. The palm tree uprooted and was rolling around in the sky. The shiny dust had filled up the entire atmosphere, the particles choking me. The sun fell to the ground, crashing to a million bits. I saw my chair spinning around, and the very moment the bird I was hanging on to fell to the ground as well.

I hung on to dear life, but I knew my time was almost up. I didn't fall to the ground, wherever that was, anyway. I was spinning around mid air. Somewhere along the commotion I stopped thinking. For a second, everything stopped.

And world came crashing down.

"Mommy!! Reena broke the snow globe!"
"You tattle tale!"

The End.


Nikita Banerjee said...

Nice write up. :)

Iggy said...

Thanks miss :)

moonlite:D said...

very nice :) do you love dreams?