Sunday, 28 August, 2011

I'm everywhere

Oh hello, fellow bloggers *waves*

Here is where I'll admit - I'm the laziest blogger alive.

Probably the shittiest blogger alive too.

I have about 20 posts lying incomplete, in cold storage, and I find it highly doubtful if I will ever complete them.

I used to be quite frequent with the whole blogging scene, but then something happened.

You know what happened?


And Tumblr.

I find it very difficult to write a cohesive post, when these two websites eat into all my time, and that is excluding the time I am at work, you know, working.

So here's a proposition: If you liked this blog, which is clearly dying, why not give my twitter and tumblr a chance too? I'm twice as funny and awesome there, believe me.

My tumblr: (This can get a little NSFW sometimes, but hey, we're all pretty much NSFW)

I'm not saying I'm killing this blog, this is very much here.

I just don't know when I will update next.

I love you all a bit too much.


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