Monday, 19 December, 2011

The Death of Coherence (1/2)

There are a few things in life I have suddenly become quite adept at. The first of them involves staring at a blank document, and quite easily filling them up with words that suddenly make sense. Mostly it's just long sentences and fancy words, but I now find it quite easy to write a 500 word piece, in maybe, 15 minutes, tops.

I, of course, attribute it to my job. My job requires I write. It also requires I photograph. But mostly, write. So that's what I do when I receive my monthly assignments. I get the topic, I stare at a blank Word document for roughly 10 minutes, and before I know it, I have already finished about 1/3rd of the assignment.

Distractions abound a plenty. Earlier, my number one distraction was Facebook. But as time passed, and after a billion layout changes, I just grew weary of this website. Of course, I will also give credit to the people on my Facebook for my disinterest in the website. You see, the people on my Facebook are, to put it lightly, moronic. Too put it harshly, they are a bunch of buffoons, and I find retarded monkeys more coherent than they are.

My anger stems from the fact that most of these people just do not know how to spell, or construct a sentence that makes sense. To support my 'bunch of buffoons' theory, I present you with the following proof:

1. wer u made all dis stffs?
2. woz dat???
3. If a "HUG" represents how much "I Love You"... I would Hold "YOU" in My Arms "FOREVER"....♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
4. The mst depressed moment in ur life is nt wen u r sad, its wen u hve lots to tell bt u dnt find tht spl 1 to hear u

By now, I'm sure I've lost whatever reading audience I had. I apologize. But put yourselves in my shoes for a bit. This is what is sprinkled all over my timeline. Every day. It's either insane emo-ness, or grammar, and thereof, that leaves me dumbfounded.

I thought of quitting several times, but social networking is a crutch, and it is very difficult to let go. But most importantly, if I quite Facebook, I would never know my friend's birthday. That shit is important.

Since I could not go on any longer on Facebook, I turned to twitter. But more on that in my next post. Till then, stay pretty.


Rashmi said...

Amazing :)

Aishwarya Narayanan said...

haha nice post.

Nikita Banerjee said...


Himanshu Dubey said...

Muhahahahahahaha! I remember we too having similar discussions. But things back in 2008 weren't so bad. English is on the verge of being strangled and killed.

I want to find the person who introduced LOL. I want to shove both the Ls up is O.