Wednesday, 23 July, 2008


8:00 am
I wake up with a throbbing headache. The alarm keeps ringing. Beep,beep,beepbeep. I have to change that alarm. It's just too annoying.
I lazily rub my eyes, trying to open them. Even opening a tiny bit made my head ache even more. The soreness and the puffiness had still not gone.
I reach for the water on the side table and take a sip. It doesn't really help.
I get off the bed and groggily head to the mirror.
I look at myself.
I look horrible.

11:00 am
I look into the mirror again.
The shower and the hair do did help. But my eyes were still puffy.
I sigh, looking at the clock hanging from the wall. Only 11?
It feels like an eternity.
I jump on my bed again, and flip through a cook book.
I see a recipe for chocolate-chip cookies.

1:00 pm
The ingredients are in place.
I'm ready to cook.
I search for my apron, when suddenly my cellphone beeps.
Beep Beep. Beep Beep.
My heart almost skips a beat as I make a mad rush towards it.
I start sweating as the message loads, my hands shaking.
"Citibank: Win a million dollars just by answering one simple question"
I throw the phone on the counter and get back to cookie baking.

1:30 pm
The dough is ready, and I smile looking at it.
I dip my finger into the moist concoction and put it in my mouth.
Mmm...that's good!
I make small scoops and lay the dough in small amounts on the baking sheet.
Beep Beep. Beep Beep.
My phone again. I pick it up, once again very nervous.
As the message loads, the memories flood my mind and tears wet my eyes.
I hurriedly wipe them and look at the message.
"Sanya: Do u wana hang out dis fri nite?"
I don't bother to reply and keep the phone on the counter again, extremely annoyed.

3:00 pm
The cookies have been baked and were cooling on the rack.
I look at them, admiring my work.
Each of the 12 cookies looked scrumptious. Dark brown, with flecks of tiny chocolate chips.
I can't wait to dig into them.
I quickly make myself a large cup of coffee, grabbed my copy of 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' along with two cookies and I sink into my bean bag chair.
I'm going to take a bite off my cookie, when my phone beeps again.
Beep Beep. Beep Beep.
With frustration, I pick up my phone and stare into it as the message loads.
I take a bite of the cookie.
I look at the message.
I smile.
I do make the best cookies, if I can say so myself!


tHe_NeW_cYnIc said...

Share them with me? at least the recipe? Umm last message kiska tha ha? bolo bolo tell tell...

Iggy said...

Work of fiction my dear, pure chocolate chippy fiction! :)