Friday, 22 August, 2008

He's the Bigg Boss!

I am, along with thousands of people in India, a fan of Bigg Boss. It's ridiculous, trashy, but really addictive. After watching the contestants for the past week, I have come up with a list of animals each and every of them resemble. Read ahead, enjoy and comment!

Note: All contestant images taken from This post is not meant to offend the contestants. Well, maybe a little!

Ahsaan Qureshi

Ahsaan bhai is funny (well, tries to be!), mostly quiet and meditative. Sorta reminds you of the monkey on the right there!

Alina Wadiwalla

Whose nose is bigger?

Ashutosh Kaushik

We've seen this dude's true colours in MTV Roadies. And his colours only keep changing!


Both good singers that amaze us.

Jade Goody

Much like the Yeti, she remains an enigma to the Indian audience. Was the whole cancer thing for real, or was it a publicity stunt? Guess we'll never know!

Ketaki Dave


Monica Bedi

Pweease! Give me a home!

Payal Rohatgi

I honestly could not think of an animal that resembles her, so well, it's going to be a giraffe. Any suggestions?

Rahul Mahajan

Irritating, annoying and found everywhere. Whenever you see it, you want to squash it with a hammer. The resemblance is uncanny.

Raja Choudhary

I am angry!! Fear me!!

Rakhi Vijan

Both have permed hair, though the dog's colours are better.

Sambhavana Seth

Both excell at the Naagin dance.

Sanjay Nirupam

Look in to my eyes. Look. Look. Look!

Zulfi Syed

All brawn! But sorry, no brain...


Mudoh said...

Those animals exactly resemble those losers on the show..great blog Finally something related to that show is interesting and entertaining..:)

Zii said...

That is....amusing and..funny.

That nagin is more cow and less nagin.

OutofFocus said...

@ Mudoh:
Hehe..Danke! :)

@ Zii:
Cow..really? Aren't cows cute and all?

Chayan Mazumdar said...

this post rocks !

OutofFocus said...

@ chayan:

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

lalitha said...

Good one!!

It was a bright point in an otherwise drab day... thanks!!

Iggy said...

Glad you liked it ;)

P WOman arrives said...

The dog looks exactly like Monika..Good one

Janefield said...

Very clever post! Albeit viewing this one a bit late in the day, it rocked! :D