Wednesday, 31 December, 2008

Bye Bye 2008

Sorry I've not updated in so long. I had no inspiration left in my body. Hopefully all will change with this post.

It's the last day of 2008, and it is time to bid the year a tearful goodbye. 2008 has been the best and worst year of my life. I experienced so many things I never thought possible, all crammed in to one year. Here's a list of what happened to me in 2008:

1. I fell in love with the most amazing guy ever.
2. Kissed a guy for the first time.
3. We broke up.
4. We got back together.
5. We broke up again.
6. We've been best friends ever since.
7. Won the CNBC TV 18 award for best documentary film.
8. Had photograph displayed in the college exhibition.
9. Got a job.
10. Got my first salary, a paltry Rs 3000.
11. Got another job.
12. Purchased a cell phone for mom's birthday.
13. Inspite of joining the gym, have not lost weight.
14. Continous and irritating visits to the Doctor.
15. Got heart broken and angry with the terror strikes in India.
16. Mom's MRI scan came out normal.

That's all, I guess. I wish 2008 would not end though, for one basic simple reason:

In five months, I will be 23 years old :'(

Ok just because I'm so bored and in order to make this post a bit longer, I'm just gonna do a random tag called 3 things. Read:

3 Things that make me laugh:
1. White Ninja Comics for it's absurd randomness
2. Sitcoms like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, How I Met Your Mother and Will & Grace
3. My sister (I know she's not a thing, but she cracks me up!)

3 Things that make me cry:
1. Watching animals in pain
2. Human interest stories on the news
3. Movies like Dumbo, Life is Beautiful and Schindler's list. [I am basically a cry baby. I can cry at the drop of a..err..tear?]

3 Things that scare me:
1. Fear of being alone
2. Losing my loved ones
3. The future

3 Things I love Reading:
1. Cosmopolitan
2. Really good books like The Road, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, etc.
3. Tinkle! I still have a subscription

3 Things I hate:
1. My job
2. Posers
3. Rahul Mahajan (Yes, HE is a thing)

3 Things I don’t understand:
1. Why RGV accompanied Vilasrao Deshmukh to see the Taj post the terror attacks
2. Why people fight over religion
3. Why I can't get a job at a place I want to

3 Things on my desk:
At office:
1. My cute red bag
2. A small dabba of chana
3. My stuffed dog called Afro

At home:
1. Whole bunch of useless papers
2. French manicure kit
3. A bottle of water

3 Things I am doing right now:
1. Yawning
2. Typing this
3. Reading The Buddha of Suburbia by Hanif Kureishi

3 Things I want to do before I die:
1. Start an NGO for stray animals
2. Backpack across the globe
3. Bungee jump

3 Things I can do:
1. Sing
2. Whistle
3. Eat

3 Things one should listen to:
1. The Beatles
2. Their inner voice
3. Me

3 Things I would never want to listen to:
1. Religious fundametalists
2. People who think men are superior to women
3. Rahul Mahajan

3 Favorite foods:
[Too many to list, but I will still try]
1. Ma's Rajma Chawal
2. Nathu's Chole Bhature
3. McDonald's McChicken meal

3 beverages I drink regularly
1. Water
2. Tea [sometimes]
3. Mosambi juice

3 TV shows I watched/books I read as a kid
1. Power Rangers
2. Enid Blyton/Roald Dahl were my Gods
3. Captain Planet

I tag YOU to do this. Yes, YOU!

I guess I shall now conclude this post, promising to do better next year.

Before I leave though, I wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! Thank you for reading and appreciating my blog, in spite of me being so irregular. It really means a lot to me!

Have fun and party safe!



Rahul Mahajan. hehehehehe

Wonderwall said...

Stick to the gym- weight loss comes oh! so suddenly and joyously..
Getting a Rs.3000 salary is better than no salary at all- save it and you can have an NGO for stray dogs. and a special cage for RM (in a seperate section-we dont want to bother the dogs.)
Be happy! and Happy new day!

iggy said...

@ wonderwall:

Gym: Hope so
Salary: I get a salary way over 3k now!
RM: Will be executed, no cage needed!

And hello, thanks for visiting :D