Monday, 20 July, 2009

How you doin'?

Hello comrades!

My last post was about a week ago, and I could not update since, cause I threw my back out. Isn't that a funny term though? Threw my back out. I wish I could literally do that! Anyway, I was strapped to the bed, and just could not get out for a long time. I knew I had to post something, creative juices flowing and all. Sheesh.

So I went for an x-ray yesterday. And it was the worst experience of my life. I'm not kidding you! I felt so violated!!! First I had to strip down to the bare minimum, and wear this horrendous, ugly, used-by-a-billion-people gown. If I was a little larger than what I am now, I would not have been able to fit in it. The gown reached just above my knees. It was so awkward, pathetic, even. I felt like crying while the x-ray technician (who was, of course, a man) prodded me like I'm a sheep to get me into the correct position. Horrible, just horrible. The report will come out today, so finger's crossed.

I have been given these painkillers by the doctor that are making me so woozy! I have to take them thrice a day, so I am literally sleeping all the time. I wake up so light-headed, almost like I'm drunk. It's freaking me out, and it's not doing much for the pain either! So I've stopped taking them. I'd rather be in pain than be dizzy all the time!

Ok enough about my woes. I'm totally addicted to twitter now! Anyone else on twitter? Give me your id, would love to check that out. I'm at Follow me, if you like! :)

I was watching 'The Pursuit of Happyness' yesterday for the billionth time. There is this line in the movie that has touched me deeply. Here it is:

"Lord don't move that mountain.
But give me strength to climb it."

I was so moved, I started crying. I've been doing that a lot lately! I blame the painkillers!

Oh is anyone else watching True Blood on HBO? I love it!!! It's sexay! And vampires! Drool! :K (these are my fangs!)

Ok that's all I can offer from my side. What's up with yours? How you doin'?


zephyr said...

get well soon .. really soon :)

P WOman arrives said...

get well soon

Meghana Naidu said...

why oh why ever did this happen?

painkillers are a 'trip' of their own, i know :P

twitter: check
( )
pursuit quote: check
true blood: check

bed ridden: eeks! get out, get happening and better soon!

i kinda miss the squealing sow
i havent read much from her lately :D

sreehari said...

wud like to know ur opinions.. i m commenting only gals bcos if i get a gal to comment u indirectly hit d guys hehehe so plz co-operate ;) atleast consider d time i spent on it :D