Saturday, 3 October, 2009

Movie Review 2 - Wake up Sid!

Super cute!

Wake up Sid is, to put it in the simplest terms, heart warming. It's a coming of age story about a boy, with an aimless life, and how he turns into a man.

Sid (Siddharth) Mehra is a quintessential rich kid. He has no ambitions in life, spends his father's money by the truckload, and lives for a day at a time. His friends are the most important to him in his life. He has a very cushy life, and it all comes crashing down, the day he fails his exams.

Relationships are severed, and he moves in with struggling writer, Aisha (Konkana Sen Sharma). It is through this experience, he learns to stand up on his own feet, and make something out of himself. In the process, he finds his true calling, and someone to love.

Ranbir Kapoor has done full justice to the role - the transition from spoilt brat to smart chap was smooth. Ayan has successfully created his character graph. Konkana Sen Sharma was gorgeous! She essayed Aisha perfectly.

For me personally, I could relate to several parts of the movie, and that's why it worked for me. However, I don't think this movie would sit well with people above 40, cause they will not find substance in the movie. Which, in some parts, is true. The movie, as a whole, didn't really have a strong story to begin with. The plot has been done to death a billion times. Also, the climax of the movie is complete rip off of the climax of the movie 'Never Been Kissed.' But it is the performances that drive the movie home.

The cinematography is superb. I loved the song sequence 'Kya karoon'. The music is apt and SEL have done a good job with it.


Final verdit: It's a good movie to watch with your friends. Avoid going with parents!

P.S. The girl who played Tanya (I don't know her name!) was in the audience with her friends, and whenever she would appear on screen, the group would hoot loudly. This irked me a little (frankly, I was jealous!) and I shouted "Yeah, we know Tanya is in the audience. Now shut up!" That was not a very nice thing to do. So Tanya (whatever your name is!) I'm sorry for doing that. Good luck, and all that! :)


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H said...

The movie was brilliant!
I could relate with it so much!
And Konkona is stunning!!

Science Bloggers Association said...

Nice Blog. Congrats.
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Anonymous said...

Its a gr8 movie.Even my mom liked it very much.