Wednesday, 28 October, 2009

She held my hand

She held my hand
Squeezed it tight.
Am I dying?
It hurts.

Shh. It will be ok.
Just close your eyes.
It will be ok.
Just close your eyes.

My body throbbed in pain.
I squeezed my eyes shut.
I can't take this.
My stomach squeezed into a ball

I opened my eyes
As tears streamed down
The pressure rising
Higher and higher

And higher
and higher


Ahh. So much better.

I'm back people! And I'm all ready with post-writers block posts! Thanks for bearing with me! :D


unknowneccentric said...

Lol, i know i know where is this coming from ahem ahem :)

Iggy said...

hehehe :D :D

shoOOonya said...

Burpy !! :)

nice one

Nikki said...

Hahahaha good one! And where is this coming from?


Welcome back! :)