Sunday, 19 September, 2010

And I did this too!

If there's something unusual, weird, or random happening, you can be sure you'll find me there. This time around, the concept of a 'Fish Pedicure' caught my fancy.

A long time ago, I had seen a documentary on Discovery. People in Turkey suffering from various skin disorders were dipping themselves in these large pools filled with tiny black fishies. These fishies then stick to the person's body and start picking on their skin. Apparently, it's a great therapy and has had proven results.

I read about Fish pedicures when I was in Delhi last year. People were going ga-ga over how smooth their feet felt, and how rejuvenated they were after their experiences. I made a mental note of getting it checked out, but then a lot happened, in that period and it just slipped out of my mind.

Now this has migrated to good ol' Bombay too. And I jumped on the opportunity to visit one. The appointment was set, and I patiently sat, waiting for my turn. I kept wondering what it would feel like. When my turn came, I was taken in and an assistant first washed my feet. She asked if I had any allergies. In case you're wondering, I'm allergic to coriander now. Refer to previous post. But I guess that wouldn't matter for a Fish Pedicure, so I skipped that detail.

After a good washing up, I was taken in to the tub section. Hundreds of fishes were swimming around, probably wondering, "when's the next meal coming, yo?" I smiled, and thought, "you're really gonna like my feet little fishes!"

The timer was set for 15 minutes, and I gingerly dipped my feet in. Immediately the swarm latched on to my feet, and it felt like hundreds of tiny pins were pricking me. It felt so ticklish, and I saw these fishes going like a vacuum cleaner and sucking on my feet, inch by inch.

Eat little ones, eat.

Unfortunately, a huge crowd gathered to witness what was happening, like the Red Sea was parting or something. I felt like a caged animal on parade. Bleh. I decided to focus on the fishes who were trying to consume my feet, very unsuccessfully, however.

OMGWTF is going on here?! OMG!

But when I was getting really comfortable, I was told my 15 minutes were up and I had to get out of the tub. I pouted a little...I felt so close to the fishes by now. Come on they just consumed my skin, I felt connected! I didn't want to leave! "You could extend this session for 15 minutes for Rs. 200 more," the assistant told me. "Yeah, you can dry my feet now," I replied, shaking off the fishes from my feet.

*squeaky squeaky*

And now I have shiny, happy and the cleanest feet I've ever had. I will visit again, for sure. Wait for me, my little ones!


Randon-mess of the Mind and Soul said...

Whoa! Surreal!!! :O Quite an experience I must say! So yay for squeaky clean feeties and fishies who are friendly cleaners ^_^

Iggy said...


zephyr said...

woah! I wanna try this but I am feeling a lil scared! tiny live things latching to ur feet!! :O

Chanz said...

Is it really that effective..?? I don't know but those fishes eating on my feet really freaks me out. I haven't tried it as yet.

Nikita Banerjee said...

Gosh...I don't know what to say! I love pedicures but I am wary of trying out this one!

AP said...

Entire thing seems fishy, from the fish to the fact that it works: all very fishy...

Iggy said...

@zephyr: There's nothing to be afraid of! These fishes don't have as soon as you lift your legs off the water, they let go! You must try it, really!

@Chanz: Believe me it's effective! You'll have the smoothest and cleanest feet ever!

@Nikki: Lol! You know me and my penchant for weird things! lol...but you must try this!

@AP: At least my feet don't smell like fish. So yay! :D

P.S. I sound like a PR person for fish spas! lol