Wednesday, 23 February, 2011

Love Letters

So this friend of mine was talking to me about her ex today, about how they were so perfect, and how they wrote each other letters, and how their letters were so wonderful. I got the opportunity to see one letter. sent by the ex to my friend. As I was reading it, I instantly felt my heart getting heavier. Dammit. I thought in my head. That letter was so, well, wonderful, and I couldn't help but think about all those letters my ex and I wrote each other.

You know those letters that just make you SIGH as loud as you can, as you read them with a cheesy smile plastered on your face? That was the kind of letters we wrote each other. As soon as I read my friends' letter, I knew I would go back and peak into my archives. I kept stopping myself... I did not need to see those again. But I did... I read those lines of poetry he wrote me... about the countless times he told me I am beautiful on days I felt I looked like crap... about the times when he apologised for fights... and of course, I don't need to count the times he said he loved me. Then I read our post break-up letters... and I felt myself welling up a bit. I knew immediately I should not have read them.

Love letters are just stupid.

P.S. I dedicate this post to you pixie girl. Everything's gonna be alright :)


Rashmi said...

OH God!!!
This was really touching babes...
Love you :)

santosh kumar said...

why is that people always try to remember all the bad hurting things in their love lives, to love is to suffer too as one get closer to somebody one has to cease to oneself and we become vulnerable and its like exposing our hearts to risks and suffering but thats how we get the most precious things in life. One must never forget that love is one of the things that makes us moving in any way we want. I appreciate your blog but you need to examine both sides of the door wherever you are walking. Take care and keep writing awesome as always

Iggy said...

@Rashmi: Love you too :)

@Santosh: Hi Santosh...glad you appreciate my blog! What you say may be love may also mean to suffer. But I do not see how I can examine both sides, when I don't know what it is like to be on the other side. This is just me, and these are just my feelings... expressed where I can the best :)

Deepika Jayasurya said...

Hi, :)

I am recent reader of ur blog :) and hey its too coool !! :) This post made me peek into those letters too :D awww... :)

Keep writing

Deepika :)