Friday, 25 February, 2011

Up With Music!: Week 1

As a means of trying out something new, I present to you my latest venture: Up With Music!

Every Friday, I will recommend 5 songs—they could follow any theme, and they could be any genre.

With every song recommended, I will also embed Youtube links on the song title for you to check out the music. If you like my reccos, let me know! This could be the start of something awesome!

Up With Music! Week 1 Recommendations:

Theme: Mood Music

1. Mood: I am going to stare at the ceiling and zone out.
Why: Trevor Hall's sublime voice, mixed with slow, rhythmic beats...perfect zone out music.

2. Mood: I'm going to cuddle and make out with my boy/girlfriend now.
Why: Boom boom beats and a smooth voice. What more do you need?

3. Mood: I'm going to punch someone in the face now.
Why: Super angry music to vent out your frustration to. And a good theme song for when you are punching someone in the face.

4. Mood: I'm going to dance like no one's watching
Why: Wouldn't you dance to something that went "Chips chips chips...du du du du.."?

5. Mood: I'm feeling low and need a mood boost.
Why: The perfect happy song for whenever you're down!

Hope you enjoy this week's music recommendations! See you next week!
Till then, Up With Music!


zephyr said...

pls pls do this every friday... btw for you one song from me !

To build a home - cinematic orchestra

Iggy said...

Thanks Zephyr! :D I was unsure about continuing this series...but yay I found someone who liked imma keep doing out for next friday!

PS - Love the song!

zephyr said...

My favourite book is one hell of a song!!!!! :D
thank thank u!
update woman!