Tuesday, 31 May, 2011


Of crushes,
Silly and surreal.
Of meeting for the first time,
And acting like a fool.
Like Medusa's seen you
And being frozen in time.

Of being red faced,
and tongue-tied.
Of not knowing what to say,
Yet wanting to say a hundred different things.

Of abrupt endings,
And cursing yourself
For zoning out for hours,
Thinking what went wrong.

That's basically what today has been.

In a nutshell, of course.



Nikita Banerjee said...

Very interesting...but a lil more insight please?

Iggy said...

I'll tell you online! Kabhi aaya bhi to karo! :D

zephyr said...

ooooooooooh!! this part is the bestest part ever :))
enjoy it!

Rashmi said...

Yeh kya hai???
Updates required please, ahem ahem ;)