Saturday, 21 May, 2011

Photo Memories

Working for a photography magazine has certainly made me realise the importance of photo memories, amongst other things. I think the age of film was a great time, because whatever photographs we shot with our cameras, prints were made. Since there was no other way to view our photographs, we relied on prints to view the final results. And now, years later, as I sift through old photographs, I feel that hit of nostalgia again. I am sure you must have also had those moments where, looking at old photographs, you felt all the memories connected to that photograph come back to you. Today, I thought I'd share some photo memories with you.

1. Le Marriage

Growing up, I was extremely fond of dressing up and applying makeup, and my aunt was only too happy to oblige. In this picture, a 4 year old me demurely poses as the bride, while my sister (who, judging by her expression, was quite embarrassed) dressed up as the groom. That doll you see in her hand was the baby. I don't really remember this moment happening, but it always gives us a good chuckle each time we look at it.

2. Le Beach Time

I remember this day so clearly, even today. My cousin had flown down from Scotland, and we were taking him on a Bombay darshan. We visited all the major landmarks, and here we were at Juhu beach. By the looks of it, it seems I was killing fishes, my cousin was just about to join me, and my grandfather just looks happy.

3. Le Family

When we were in Dubai in 1995, my dad decided to have our family portrait shot. All of us dressed up in our best, this strawberry dress was my first ever 'propers' dress, and those red flats were my first girlie footwear. In the excitement of getting a picture clicked, I guess nobody noticed my hemline was lopsided. I like this picture because it frames my family perfectly, and we have never had another family portrait shot after this one time.

So here's my suggestion to you—if you have prints with you, please digitise them. Scan them, take their photos, and what have you, but do store them in a digital form. You won't regret it!

I have a lot of other photo memories, and I wish I could share them all. Do you have some you can share? Let me know! Till then, happy nostalgia!

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cute lil kid u were :))