Friday, 28 September, 2012

Friday Links

Here are some amazoballs links I have encountered in the last week. If you haven't seen them already, go see them. Your amusement level will definitely increase.

2. Worst Movie Death Scene

3. Star Wars Crawl Creator

4. The Best Delhi definitions, ever (Sample: Vree verb. Feel anxious, worry. Example: "Oi, koi nahin pakdega (nobody will catch us). Daunt vree so much!")

5. The Cast Of “Full House” Reunited (Except the Olsen twins. Sad.)

6. Tunak Tunak Tun Meets Metal

7. Hilarious Medical Miracle (feat. A dead Mithun, his brain and a lesbian Madhoo)

9. A firangi's commendable take on Sunny Paji's 'TAREEKH PE TAREEKH!'

And that's it! Hope you've enjoyed this week's edition of linkages. 

See you next Friday with more time wasters!

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