Thursday, 27 September, 2012

Fuck Me Sideways

The human condition is one that I will never be able to understand. I have tried, several times, but I have sadly been quite unsuccessful in my understanding. This is not to say that I am above human, a demi-God like figure sent to this planet to understand the ways of the homo sapiens.

Though that would have been mighty sweet. And a potential plot for a blockbuster Hollywood movie (I'd like to think).

Simplicity, as a type of behaviour, is lost somewhere. The same can be said about consistency. You may argue that no person can have a consistent behaviour, there are often mood swings. That is true, but there is also a simplicity attached to those who are moody and have strange behavioral patterns. You expect them to act crazy one day, and normal and chirpy on the other.

What about those who you think you have figured out, and BAM they bitchslap you out of nowhere? What about those you thought have pretty consistent behaviour and BAM, they snap at you?

The bottomline is BAM. I will never understand people.

Dogs, on the other hand, are pretty cool customers. I wish people were more like dogs. I'd understand them so well then.

Or maybe wish I were a dog. I'd much rather spend my life sniffing dog butts, chasing my tail and eating my own poop than to try to figure out a person's personality.

Maybe I could. But then you'd just call me crazy.


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