Saturday, 11 October, 2008

-le sigh-

I went to the mall with my bestest friend in the whole wide world today. She gets me like no other person can. She knows everything about me, even what I'm thinking at the exact moment. Anyway, back to the mall.

So we were at the food court, and I was idly playing with a french fry (I'm still bummed out) and she pokes me.
"What?" I say, popping the fry in my mouth.
"Don't look now, but there's a gorgeous specimen of the male species on the table to your left."

I rolled my eyes. You see, her tastes in men are vastly different from mine. She's more tall, dark and handsome. I'm more tall, skinny and long hair. So as I attempted to turn to my left, I never expected to see what I saw.

It was an actual, live specimen of a gorgeous male!

He was sitting there in a white ganji and a brown cargo-bermuda type thing (what are they called?) with brown sandals looking all uber cool and relaxed. My first impression -- hmm..seems like those guys from the gym. Brawn, no brain. I turned back to my best friend (henceforth to be known as RadRid).

She pokes me again.
"What!?" I say, looking at her.
She doesn't really say anything, but wiggles her eyebrows, so I turn to him again.

I gasped and almost fell of the seat.

He was reading.
A book.
Not Playboy.
Not Maxim.
Not even Vogue (which eliminated the fact that he might be gay!)
He was reading a real-life book.

"Ok, I must be dreaming, cause this is my dream guy!" I said, staring at him dreamily.

"You should talk to him" RadRid said.
"Yeah right..I think we should just leave!" and so we did!

So we were in Crossword looking at some CDs. RadRid was checking something out as I picked one myself. As I got up, who do I see standing behind RadRid? Mr. Gorgeous himself.

I can't stop smiling! RadRid looks at me, and now it's my turn to wiggle my eyebrows. She turns back, looks and him and then looks at me.

"You're retarded," she says.

"Whatever!" I sigh happily.

That's why I believe in Karma.
And I am also going to have happy dreams tonight.
Many many happy dreams!


Anonymous said...

Excellent...funny, cool, finally....supriya! you see someone as handsome and worthy!

Iggy said...


madlyinlove said...

How cool... so did you talk to him? you shud have really...

Impressionist said...

I agree with Nikki! :P
U shud have


Iggy said...


I just don't have the guts to! :( :( :(

I really need lessons in flirting!

Impressionist said...

U really do! :P


Impressionist said...

btw whats with the name?! Nityanand Dubey??
Is he ur lecturer?


Iggy said...

No No! There used to be this show called "Noddy aur Daddy" on Hungama TV, where the kid's name was Nityanand Dube (Noddy for short!). So well, he's my inspiration!

Impressionist said...

lol! Okie! :P


zephyr said...

u shud hav tlkd!!!! =)
oh hi btw... weird thing to post for a first comment.. hehe

Iggy said...

I know zephyr! I feel bad now! :( And hello! :) Welcome to my blog!


I did not call you retarded! I just said you were no longer counted in 'normals'. BTW he was really (drooling) good! :)

Iggy said...

It means the same thing RadRid!

jamie (aka afro) said...

FUN! i went shopping yesterday and saw ALOT of hott men. black, white, latin, etc

if he's gay he'd prob be reading details mag. wudent he? ha!

u here in the u.s. or abroad?

Iggy said...

@ Jamie:

Nope, I'm not in the US..I'm in India!

And the mall IS an awesome place to spot hot guys! :)

jamie (aka afro) said...

i kinda figured u were in india (b/c of the white ganji u sed the guy was wearing)

ur east indian and im part west indian, thats hella cool!

Iggy said...

yes it is :)

P WOman arrives said...

If heart is burning let it burn.
If heart is burning let it burn.
Don't cry, don't beg.
Don't cry, don't beg.
{Translate this in Hindi}

And you have nothing to worry about. You have a crush on every second guy you see at the mall. Forgot the Subway hunk?

Mudoh said...

Ah..well you still do the same.
when is there gonna be a blog when you actually do make a move?

Iggy said...

Never! hehehe