Friday, 10 October, 2008

My Diary as a Teenager (Or just, MDT)

Consecutive post, yay!

Ok, so I was rummaging through my junk yesterday (I sometimes clean when I'm bummed out. Read post below) and I came across a very ancient notebook, which used to be my diary as a teenager. This was probably my only successful diary, written from the first page to the last. I guess the 'teen angst' had to come out somewhere, and my diary is testament to that. It contained everything: love, hate, anger, name the emotion, it had it! I thought it'd be a fun idea to share it with you, oh reader. The stuff isn't really that personal, so I'm not calling for public humiliation in any case! So here goes! My diary as a teenager..


Take a peak, if you seek
to be pulverated.
Take a peek, if you seek
to be exterminated.
The book contains stuff not meant for you to see..
So don't just scoff and turn the page with glee.

This diary belongs to Supriya Joshi

19th November, 2002

Dear Diary,
Hi! Watsup? This is my very first diary and I'm gonna write all I can and whatever's on my mind.

Ok, there's this guy I know (let's call him Rambo). He's a really nice guy. Very sweet! I think I'm in love!

But there's another thing. Guess who I saw yesterday? (Instert name of boy I had a crush on forever..let's call him McGumbo)
AAAHHH!!! He was looking soooooooooo hot! But he never looked at me and I never called him also :(. C'mon! I didn't wear proper clothes! I was in my track pants! I looked DUMB! But I miss him...I wanna kiss his lovely lips, hug him. But it's not possible. I'm fat and ugly. GOD! I hate my self-image :(.

Anyways, I got to colour my hair! YIPEEEEEEE! My hair's red now, but it's hardly noticeable. So sad! But at least they're coloured!

Ok diary, I'll see ya tomorrow!

Hugs and kisses,

Those were the days, weren't they? Where life revolved around cute guys and you got excited over red hair.

Wait. Not much has changed even today!

To be continued.


madlyinlove said...

Some things never change and should never looking at cute boys! hahaha

madlyinlove said...

Some things never change and should never looking at cute boys! hahaha

Dream3er said...

nice names for boys :P ...

Iggy said...

So true! We wont stop staring even when we're 50 years old!

They deserve such names only!

P WOman arrives said...

You are sharing your diary with the world, but you cant share it with me.


ek-aani said...

cute diary entry :-) u coloured ur hair red? wow