Saturday, 18 October, 2008

MDT: Of Christmas, Crushes and more

Here's a continuation of My Diary as a Teenager..Read on!

23rd December, 2002

Dear Diary,
I'm really sorry for not writing to you!

One day before Christmas! I'm so excited! The weather has become cold, and it feels refreshing!

Guess what? I got to colour my hair again! And this time, it's noticeable! Actually, it's damn noticeable! I like it!

Rambo has become a
little boring now. He's too predictable! I think I'm falling out of love with him!!!

Exams are coming near, and unless I get above 70%, I wont get a mobile phone. :(

Ok, so (a family friend..let's call him Mr Raju) came to our home to meet us on last Saturday. His son (let's call him Bart) also came with him. He looked sooooo AMAZING! What A Babe! I couldn't stop staring at him! But I know my manners and also my darn bad luck! :(

There's a little chance that we are going to have a re-union. I'm soooo excited for it!

We went to see Kante yesterday. Such a big YAWN. We saw it in a crappy theatre. Don't even get me started on the cheap crowd! After every two minutes, the men were running to the bathroom to ma******te! There were loads of 1/2 naked bimbos in the movie, so it's a little obvious!

I should be heading out now, I will write soon!

Lot's of love,


Nope, I didn't get above 70%, but I still got a crappy Samsung cell phone.
And yes, my hair was red, noticeable red.
I'm worth it!

To be continued...


Nikki said...

Totally worth it!

Iggy said...

Heck yes! :)

zephyr said...

hehe.. this was fun.. rambo?!! =)

Iggy said...

yep..Rambo! you got to read the first part of the story to understand! :)

Impressionist said...

masturbating in theaters? ugh! :|


Iggy said...

i know...gross! :(

Raghav said...

how do u know what the men were doing ?
and why should you assume that they were doing that?
kinda immature on ur part dont u think ?

Iggy said...

@ Raghav:

I was 16 then, so yes, I WAS immature.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

zephyr said...

where is the first part?? wanna read!! =)

Iggy said...

It's linked on this post itself.

Alternatively, you can just go here:


P WOman arrives said...

You had a crush on Rambo? EEEEWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!