Friday, 28 November, 2008

A Message

This post is dedicated to everyone who lost their lives in the tragic terrorist acts that occurred in Bombay in the last few days.

To the 47 people, who died, trying to escape bullets at VT Station.

To the 4 that passed away at Cama Hospital.

To the 30 that passed away at Taj Hotel.

To the world, these may seem like numbers. But these numbers mean a lot to those who were waiting for them to return.

To Joint police commisioner (ATS) Hemant Karkare, Senior inspector Vijay Salaskar, Additional police commisioner Ashok Kamthe, Inspector Shashank Shinde,Police sub-inspector Prakash More, Police sub-inspector B Durgunde, and several other policemen, and military men who laid down their lives so that average people like us can live another day. I salute you all.

To the people still held hostage at Taj Hotel, Oberoi Hotel and Nariman House. I pray that you be released as soon as possible. I pray to God to give you strength.

To Bombay's beloved Taj hotel. You will be re-built again.

To the lives lost, I pray that your souls Rest In Peace.

Finally, to the terrorists. You will be caught. And you will get what you deserve.


Nikki said...

I think the loosers died an easy death!

iggy said...

They already have a death-wish when they come out with guns blazing. They've been conditioned to such a point that they feel pride in death.