Saturday, 22 November, 2008

My first kiss

12. 03. 2008
Marine Drive, Bombay

I want to remember everything about today. Nothing should be erased from my mind.

The way he smiled when he first saw me. The beautiful flowers he gave me. How awkward it felt, and how we slowly eased in. How he laughed when I gave him imaginary low blows and slaps. The short time we spent at Anda Pav, sharing an Anda Pav, and sipping on our cutting chais. How embarrassing it was when all the girls barged in to see us together. How sweet he looked when he was flipping through the scrapbook I gave him. How we ran out and got a cab to Marine Drive.

Marine Drive. -sigh-. The Pizza I just could not eat. Him staring at me...telling me over and over how beautiful I am. Me getting so embarrassed and getting red in the face. Him telling me I look even more beautiful when I blush. Me blushing even more.

"I just can't help're just so mesmerising..." Me hiding my face between my hands, him telling me I still look beautiful. Me getting goosebumps, butterflies...everything.

Us walking around Marine Drive, sharing the brownie. That spark I felt everytime our arms brushed against each other. Him looking at me. Me looking at him. Me wanting to tell him "I love you" so bad. Him pushing me. Me pushing him. Him telling me, "Look at me. When I say you're beautiful, I really mean it. And...I love you." Me getting tongue tied and unable to speak. Looking at my feet while he walked next to me. Thinking about how I should say it back to him.

Us sitting there. So close. Us playing footsie. Him sheepishly putting his arm around me. "It hurts my arm if I rest it here...Can I put it around your shoulder?"

"I just wan to say...I love you," I said. "I love you too."

Him coming close to me. Really close. My heart beating like crazy. Me running my fingers over his arm..running them over each vein. "You've got really soft hands"

Us linking our fingers with each other. Him looking at him. Me looking at his lips. Him looking at mine. "What you looking at?" I asked. "Your sultry lips. I bet they're really soft."

There was just the two of us. The world didn't matter. No worries. No troubles. Just us. His lips so close to mine, just about to touch. And then, they did. In a magnetic, soft, just right kiss. His lips pressing against mine. Me forgetting to close my eyes, and then closing them. Him biting my lower lip, and pulling out, looking at me. Kissing me again, harder this time. Pulling out again. Running his fingers over my lips, my chin. Pulling me in to another kiss. His beard pressing against my skin, tickling me. Me wanting the kiss to go on forever...but he pulls out again, for the last time.

And then, he was gone.

"I will, return...
Yes I, will return.
I'll come back, for the honey,
and you..."


Nikki said...

OMG... this is so amazing. I can feel the love here!

Iggy said...

:) :)