Tuesday, 20 January, 2009

10 Days of Appreciation: The Folks

[Ok Ok Ok! It's not 15th January, but I can't help it! Inspiration just did NOT strike! Whatever! Read!!]

The Folks i.e, My Parents

Those were the days! Sigh...oblivion!

My mom's gone to Calcutta, Kolkata..Kul..Col..ugh, forget it! She's been gone for four days now, and there is no better time to begin my appreciation of her than now. We've been eating out three days straight, and our digestive tracks have gone for a toss. Yesterday, dad actually left work early so he could go home and cook us a normal meal of dal chawal. Aah..dal chawal..yum.

Wait, we're gonna talk about my ma now. So yes, ma is one of the best human beings you'll ever know. For real. She's nice, helpful and extremely emotional. I presume that's the case with everyone's mother, however! What sets my mother apart is her quirkiness. She is sorta like the Phoebe of our home. Spiritual, positive and vegan!

My mother is the kind who will look for the positive no matter how bleak the situation looks. I'd like to believe I inherited a bit of this quality. And her mantra? "I'm the best!", which she would ask us to repeat everytime we're feeling down.

Another quirk of hers? Her ritualistic 'maun brat'. From 8am to 10am, she does not utter a single word, everyday. This is the time when the three of us would leave for work/college, and we have to try to understand what she is saying by means of charades, with hilarious results, might I add! According to her, she does this to keep herself calm, because the three of us get too demanding in the mornings. Good idea, I think!

My mom really puts up with a lot. And this puny post is not much of an appreciation. Diamond neclace, anyone? :) Love you ma!

Let us now shift focus to my dear Dad. Let me begin by saying that daddy is the most nicest smelling man I've ever encountered. He has such good smelling cologne that wafts throughout the house everytime he comes out from a shower. This is one quality of his that I've picked from him, cause I douse myself with hefty (not overpowering!) doses of perfume too.

Dad is also very very funny. And he has such an awesome laugh, his eyes close, his face turns red, you can't help laughing yourself. Dad melts easy too..a please is enough to ask him to get something for you. (How mean am I!)

Like most dad's he is concerned and protective of his daughters. He still hesitates before letting us go anywhere post 6pm. He has trouble letting us go, cause to him, we're still his two little daughters who would cling to him all day long. :) Love you dad!

And with this emotional note, I bid thee farewell, till my next appreciation!


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