Wednesday, 7 January, 2009


Warning: (Another) Rantsy post up ahead!

You know what question I hate? "Tell me about yourself?". It is the worst thing you can ask anyone, and it is also one question every interviewer asks to a prospective employee. I, too, have been asked this question many times, and I've always cringed when I hear it. I mean,what is the correct answer to that? What do I tell them about myself? Should I tell them I am a fan of metal music? Should I tell them I had my head shaved off when I was 2? Or should I tell them my autobiography? Sheesh! What a stupid question. It should be banned, effect immediately!

I seriously have started questioning my belief in GOD. I mean, if the holy one really loved us mortal being, chocolate would have been health food, and salads would have been junk. Why! Why! Why are the good things in life always bad for us? Why can't I binge on chocolate and not have to worry about gaining a kg or two! Grr

I hate people. There, I said it! Everyone is rude, inconsiderate, manerless and have absolutely no civic sense/responsibility. Case(s) in point: You can't walk the streets of Bombay without stepping on a pile of human feces or mucus/pan filled spit. No, you cannot avoid it. You cannot get your passport made without bribing the police officer with alchohol and/or money. You cannot stand in a packed ladies' compartment in the train without getting into a fight with a 'woman' (term used very loosely) because you broke her fake nail. And if you're a woman, you can't escape from the general compartment without being touched/molested/groped/teased/raped.

But everytime, everytime these volcanic feeling erupt under me and before I start grinding my teeth, I remind myself to look up at the sky. Have you ever noticed how beautiful it is? How the sunlight beams through fluffly clouds? How the sun sometimes hides behind them? The consistent sky-blue colour that sometimes changes to grey during the monsoon? Have you ever seen birds flying in the sky, swishing and swirling in formations? Have you ever seen dogs wagging their tails if you hover a mere Parle G biscuit before their noses? Have you ever scratched them behind their ears and watched them pant in happiness?

But, such is life.

I'm all better now. :)

Thanks for listening/reading


Nikki said...

Ahem... you remind me of Jerry's assignment "What makes you angry!"

I grinned through it... :)

iggy said...

Cool :)

Jerry is da bomb

zephyr said...

hehehe... loved the 'rantsy' post!!

Rant away to Glory I say!


iggy said...

Always helps, no :)

Wonderwall said...

How about, "So, what are you doing these days?". It's my most hated question! And not like people actually LISTEN to your answer.

iggy said...

True that! Is there an alternate answer to that except "Not much, you?"

Wonderwall said...

I wish I could get away with such a short and sweet reply! I am expected to reveal all my life plans when I am asked that question.

iggy said...

poor you!