Wednesday, 14 January, 2009

10 days of appreciation!

I'm going through a severe writer's block (yet again!) and I cannot come up with good, readable material. So I thought, why not make the most of my temporary (hopefully) illness, and have a 10 days of appreciation..thingy!

For ten straight days, I will be appreciating 10 people/things who have been in my life. They are as follows:
1. P woman (my sister)
2. Mudoh
3. Radrid
4. The folks
5. Daakan
6. Lady
7. Chicken
8. The Jerry
9. SCM
10. Vodafone

This may seem confusing now, but all will be explained. They will be written about in no particular order.

So, I guess I'll see you tomorrow :)

P.S. I wish my life was as exciting as certain bloggers (you know whom I'm referring to here!) so I could write about all the awesome parties I've been to and all my sexcapades. Sigh. But such is life! :(


AnnaChronism said...

Happy New Year !

Which bloggers ?And sexcapades ? :D

Nikki said...

Sexcapades???? WHO? WHERE? WHEN?

Impressionist said...

This is confusing, ill wait for the other posts..
Happy new year btw!


iggy said...

Happy New Year everyone!

Sexcapades: I haven't had any yet. But certain bloggers do (whom I shall not name for fear of backlash!)

@ Impressionist: Hope the next post makes this a bit clearer :)