Sunday, 8 February, 2009

I have no inspiration

(My writer's block does not seem to be ending. Hence, I am re-posting something from my previous blog. Please bear with me)

July 16

What happens when..hmm...

Ok, so by now, probably half of Mumbai knows I'm doing Mass Communication. It's just for a year, and well, it's gonna be really really really tasking. Yet, here I am, having fun, and now I shall tell you something that you probably knew already.
I love hot guys.
They're hot, endowed with amazingly cute smiles, awesome hair, good height and a good personality.
Did you know there are hot guys in this world that ACTUALLY have brains? That actually know their Einstein from their Eminem?
They exist! Trust me!
How do I know?
Because I met one. AND I took his interview.
And boy..did I meet him!
"Who is this guy?", you might ask. It is none other than Ruslaan Mumtaz.
Don't look him up on the's what he looks like:
Yush. He's that MP3 guy.
So how did I land up meeting with him?! I'll tell you!
But I did meet him!
So anyway, the meeting was set up over the phone. His phone voice was was sexy too. I don't use this word for many people, and well, I think he deserves a "sexy voice" tag! Now this is a blow-by-blow account of what happened when I reached his place:
I reach his building..the watchman asks me who I want to see.."Ruslaan M.", I say, my heart beating wildly.
He smirks..thinks I'm another one of his crazed fans (are there any?)..calls his place. "Some Supriya Madam to see Ruslaan". The voice on the other end confirms.
"You may go.." he says, pointing to the stairs.
I don't take the elevator. I might as well loose a gram or two before I see him.
I climb up to the second floor.
There is a vicious, snarling dog sitting right there. His ears prick up. He stares. I run the other way. I hear a door clicking. I run faster.
I go back to the ground floor, take the elevator to his floor, and stumble out.
And there he was... (cue Angels singing)
A Greek God..incarnate!
He smiles. I feel like someone's stuffed banana skins in my mouth.
"H..Hi..I'm Sup...riya" I somehow stutter.
"Ruslaan". Shakes my hand. I tremble.
"Come on in"
Ok, I must pause right here, so I could tell you about his house.
It's enormous.
Enormous is also an understatement.
Palatial is more like it. It's beautiful and well decorated.
Okay, now back to the best day of July 2007.
He makes me sit on this comfy couch, and he sits on the other end. Totally comfy. He offers me a glass of water, but my mouth is drooling already, and I do not need more liquid in my system.
"Okay..I should let you know, you're my first interview..and if I suck, please forgive me" I grin, trying to be funny.
"Hey no worries" he smiles again.
What happened next, I really don't remember. I asked him about 13 questions, and he answered like a total pro. No airs. No attitude. Hard to believe, but true.
It took me only 10 minutes to complete my interview. And now came the part I was dreading.
"Umm..can I take you're photograph now?" I ask, gulping.
"Sure!" he says.
"I have to be in the photograph too, so I have proof I actually took your interview."
"No worries"
He calls his friend to the room, but I couldn't hear what his name was.
He asks me to sit next to him.
I scream inside my head.
He sits close, and a photo is taken.
It's blurred.
I ask for another. This time he has his arm around me.
I scream again. But I'm frozen. I don't pose. I don't move. I am completely paralyzed. But my heart is still alive, and it's dancing to the tune of "Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai Yeh".
It's over. Over. I have to leave.
"Thank you so much!" I smile, utterly grateful.
"Anytime!" he grins, his smile hypnotizing me. (did he really mean that?! I'd totally go back if he meant that!!!)
I run out of his home, skip to my car, my head in the clouds, a huge smile on my face.
And I vow to watch MP3 as soon as I can.


Nikki said...

Ohhhhhh!!! I remeber this...I am sure everyone was interested in this one in class! I also remember you saying that his eyebrows were lickable! Lolz what a thought...hehehe!

iggy said...

yes! He DOES have very lickable eyebrows! :)

Meghana Naidu said...

he IS totally droolable!

he makes me have naughty naughty thoughts
real naughty


this picture especially


Iggy said...


P.S. are a hottie! :O Wooh!

Meghana Naidu said...

who? what? me?

O_O *blank*

Iggy said...

Yeah! DUH!?

Meghana Naidu said...

you sweet sweet girl
that made me just burst out in a incontrollable fit of giggles, especially the duh and the wooh
i think i scared my dog, obviously


and BTW, glad to see you back and writing!


Iggy said...

Good to be back!! :D