Saturday, 14 February, 2009

Whee! R4nd0mn3ss (With Video Links!)

25 Random Things About Me:

1. I am deathly afraid of cockroaches. I can't be near one without screaming my head off. The ones that scare me the most are those fucking huge ones that fly. Why do these devil's spawn even exist?!

2. I HATE chatspeak. How hard is it to type "how are you?" instead of "hw r u?" You just have to add five more alphabets! That's it! One girl even greets me this way - "hi gm.h r u?" I don't even reply sometimes!

3. I am in love with the song "Stand Up" by Flobots. The lyrics and the music are just fantabulous! You should listen to their album.

4. I am the most fickle person around. If today I like something, I may hate it tomorrow, and vice versa. One of my nicknames is Ficky Fickleton :)

5. I am OBSESSED with Final Fantasy VII, and I will not stop until I finish the game!

6. I hate it when someone corrects my pronunciation. It upsets me, and I get very angry.

7. I love lip balm! I have a huge stash of different flavoured ones! The funny part is, no matter how much you apply them, they never get over! My favourite lip balm is the strawberry flavoured one from Neutrogena.

8. I hate my job (everyone knows this!) but I am too afraid to quit.

9. I have separation anxiety(?) I can't let go of people or places easily. I get very emotional when someone leaves, or if I have to leave for somewhere. I have trouble letting go.

10. I have really tiny teeth, and I am very conscious about them. When I laugh, I cover my mouth with my hand, cause it looks like I have no teeth when I do so.

11. I love travelling long distances by BEST buses. The only condition is I need to be sitting. Standing on a cramped BEST bus is just horrid!

12. My sister is my guide. She really gives the best advice (even though she's 2 years younger!)

13. I used to have a pen-pal from Scotland named Emma. She was a really good person, but we stopped writing about 4 years ago. I wonder where she is now.

14. I HATE NRIs. I just hate them! I don't even have a reason!

15. From 2001 - 2004, I was obsessed with the Backstreet Boys. I was madly in love with Howie Dorough, and I wanted to marry him.

16. Speaking of marriage, I wanted to get married to Akshay Kumar when I was 9 years old. I used to tell my mom, I love him so much, I don't even mind being his maid, just so I could be close to him.

17. I saved every sms my ex sent me on my last phone. I never deleted a single one even after we broke up. I still read them sometimes and smile/cry.

18. My favourite Breezer flavour is Orange. In fact, orange is my favourite flavour in everything! Orange is also my favourite fruit!

19. I love cheese. All kinds of cheese. Cheese on everything. Mmm. Cheese.

20. I can't sing hindi songs in tune, but I sing English ones really well.

21. When I meet someone new on the internet, I pretend I am a different person than what I really am.

22. I used to have a best friend. I don't anymore. (Not you, RadRid)

23. I cry everytime I watch Dumbo, especially when I see this song.

24. I love doing random tags and quizzes and stuff! They really kill boredom! (You know what's coming next! :D :D :D)

25. I love/hate Valentine's Day!!

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Himanshu said...

Oh then, u wud hate me for point 6!