Sunday, 29 July, 2012

Game of Thrones, Anime and Lost Ambitions

Yesterday, I was travelling by train when I chanced upon a very interesting conversation that took place between three college girls. And unlike the usual "aaj kitni garmi hai na?" or "dinner mein kya bana rahi hai?" conversations that usually occur in the Ladies' compartments, this one was quite unique. And it held my attention for the longest time. 

But before I tell you what these girls were talking about, let me describe them for you. All three were Average Janes. Hair tied back, thin as reeds, carrying heavy book bags. Except for the thin part, that was how I looked in college too. I usually listen to music during my daily commute, but my Skull Candy earphones failed me (seriously, never buy those!) I tuned into this conversation these three girls were having. And this is what they spoke about: Japanese, Anime and Game of Thrones.

For the first five minutes of the conversation, I honestly was quite stunned. One of the girls started talking about manga and anime, saying she loved Bleach and was watching Durarara!! these days. She made a quip about how her brother started singing Bolo ta ra ra ra! after he heard the name of the show. This took me back to my own manga and anime fascinations when I was in school and college. My first memory of anime are NinkuGhost Sweeper Mikami, Pokemon and, of course, Dragon Ball Z, which were my favorites during school. In college, I would watch InuYasha and I was also a big fan of Fullmetal Alchemist. In fact, I even read the entire manga series along with watching the anime of the latter. 

I was already impressed. Then these girls went on to discuss how they were learning Japanese. That just impressed me even more. In fact, one of the girls' said she is learning Japanese only because she is so passionate about anime. As for me, I don't remember the last time I was passionate about anything. John Abraham, perhaps. But then, he's not a thing. And my 'passion' there is of the amorous kind, so that doesn't really count.

Finally, one of the girls' removes a book from her bag. It's none other than Book 1 of the Game of Thrones series. At that point, I really wanted to give these girls a standing ovation because I am in love with this series. They started discussing the books, the author and Ned Stark. My insides were bursting, because I really wanted to talk to them, but I figured I'd look like some creep, so I stopped myself and got off the train instead. And also because that was where I had to get off. 

Someone once said "The youth is wasted on the young." But these three girls proved it wrong. Dear Japanese speaking, anime watching, Game of Thrones reading girls, wherever you are, a salute to you. Go forth and prosper. And remember. Winter is Coming.


Nikita Banerjee Bhagat said...

So there is hope in this world after all! :D I love Anime and totally want to read the Game of Thrones series too!

zephyr said...

:) like a ray of hope at times !