Monday, 23 July, 2012

Moving On

Life is all about changes, isn't it? The sooner you accept this, the better your life, in turn, will be.

On Friday, 20th July, 2012, we had to move houses. From a home where we spent more than 20 years, we would have to start all over in a new one. For the longest time, I just could not come to terms with that, so I chose to ignore it. But as the moving day came closer, my heart kept sinking. Everything I saw around me started reminding me of particular memories.

The old house had not been painted in very long, so paint was peeling all over. But there was a distinct shape this had created on the wall above my bed. So when I woke up everyday, I saw that mark, which to me looked like a horse. Somehow, this horse-like shape was very comforting to me.

There were a lot of such small things around the house that made me feel really sad. The day the movers were supposed to come home, I did not want to wake up at all. But once I started packing stuff myself, I just did not have the time to be nostalgia.

13 hours later, our house was empty, as was I as I took a stroll around what used to be my room. Suddenly, everything seemed so 'pariah', as they say in Hindi. I did take one last look at my horse-shape mark and it was still as comforting as ever.

And now, I am in the new house. It's been three days, and all of them have been spent in unpacking and arranging. I still don't feel at home here, perhaps in a while. Perhaps there will be a comforting mark on the wall here as well. Only time will tell. For now, I accept change.

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Nikita Banerjee Bhagat said...

I second your feelings here. I have just moved too. It is a house for now...working on making it a home :)