Tuesday, 9 June, 2009


I meant to share this incident the very next day of my birthday, but blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol *cough* I mean, blame it on laziness and boredom! But I am sharing it now, so read, and please, please, let me know what you think.

So we had gone to this South Bombay club, and we had reached the place at 11 in the night. There were seriously crickets chirping inside, there were hardly 10 people inside. I was kinda shocked, cause it's South Bombay, and a Friday night. I thought the place would be jam packed. Anyway. The DJ was playing some really old English music, stuff I hadn't even heard before. All my friends were sitting at a couch, some yawning, some trying to make conversation. I was excited as hell, so I was dancing randomly to the music.

A few minutes later, three goras (two guys and one girl) came and sat on the couch opposite ours. I could not understand their chemistry, cause as soon as they entered, Male Gora 1 (henceforth to be known as Charsi) pinched Female Gora's (henceforth to be known as Drunky) butt. Then, Drunky proceeded to make out with Male Gora 2 (henceforth to be known as Cutey-but-drunk). I didn't pay them much notice, I was in a zone of my own, dancing stupidly. A few minutes later, I looked at them, and I saw they were playing air-guitar, and head banging. Strange. Maybe they were inspired by me or something.

An hour went by, and the night picked up. The music was a little better, and more people started coming in. Drunky and Charsi were dancing like crazy...they would put any dirty dancing fan to shame. Charsi even did a snake-charm dance by taking of his shoe and playing an imaginary flute to it. That was so hilarious, I started imitating him, and making my friends laugh. Big mistake.

Another half an hour went by, and the music was really good now. So we were dancing in a group by now. We were really in the groove, and all of a sudden, Charsi comes over, and runs his gora-fucking-hand on my shoulder, all the way to my palm. And then the dumbass actually proceeded to dance. I stared at him with a 'What the fuck?' expression on my face. And the fool actually imitated it and looked back at me. Too shocked, I just walked away from the group, and sat at a chair. DM then told him "Back off, she is not comfortable." So Charsi did back off. Then each and every girl in my group came to ask me "Are you ok?". Yeah I was ok. A charsi just ran his arm me. Sheesh.

If you think this was strange, please, read on. I was sitting at the chair, and this really old, pathetic, ugly man (henceforth to be known as Lecherous Fuck) comes and stands at the bar, a few feet away from me. He did this really strange dance that DM saw too. She came over to me and we were laughing hysterically. BIG MISTAKE!

Lecherous Fuck then went away. A few minutes later, he came back and stood at the same place. Do you get this strange sensation sometimes that someone is staring at you? I got that, so I looked at him. And the lecherous fuck actually had the balls to make a really really obscene gesture towards me. My eyeballs had literally hit the floor. Then he looked at me as if to say come over. I was so disgusted, I was holding my vomit back. Yuck! The nerve!

He went away again, and I was shocked out of my mind. I had a dazed expression on my face. What the hell just happened. Again my girlfriends came over to ask what happened. I just couldn't say it. Lecherous Fuck then sat at a couch a few feet away from mine, and again he was staring at me. Yeech. This time I didn't look, and thankfully Cutey-but-drunk was passed out in the middle couch, so he was obstructing his view. Then, the lech actually looked at my friend, and tried to tell her to get me to look at him. That did it. I told the girls let's get out of here. And we did. I didn't even want to acknowledge the old fuck, so I didn't look at him.

If you think this was stranger, please, oh please, read ahead. We reached DN's place, and of course, we had to have a discussion of what had happened to me. And, it was popular opinion that everybody had respect for the Charsi cause he didn't come back after DM told him to back off!!! WHAT?? I was touched by a man, against my wishes, and you have respect for the Charsi? WTF? What if he had grabbed my boob, then? Would you still "respect" him? Of course, they were all laughing, so no point putting my arguments to them. As for lecherous fuck, we had a lot of choice words for him. I won't be mentioning them here.

All in all, it was an experience I will never forget.

I want to know from you, oh reader, whose side are you on? Me, the abla naari, or those two raging hormones assholes?

And if Charsi or Lecherous Fuck are reading this, just go FUCK OFF!!!!!


dusky hues said...

That sure was an eventful day ;)

You are right about being miffed with your friends for respecting the d*$% head gora...

Such experiences, however, make for good laugh after some time...


Meghana Naidu said...

Hell im backing you girl! anyday. i believe that EVEN if a woman is dancing butt naked right in the middle of everywhere she doesnt deserve to be touched-leched at-or anything derogatory.

Just stand back and admire ;)

And dont let it bother you. Lecherous Fuck. ROFL!

Rashmi said...

Dont worry girl, i am with you any given day against such horrendous acts, Fuckers they were huh!!!

Iggy said...

@ dusky: I wasn't miffed, really. Just confused! But now that I look back, all I can do is laugh! :D

@ Meghana: Thanks girl! And I so agree with you!

@ Rash: :)

Nikki said...

Everyone has already said what I wanted to say! I am totally with you. Someone should have punched him!

Geyata said...

Yes,I too agree that he should be punched

Dream3er said...

you should have knocked the living daylights out of them... those kind of leeches are all over the place man...