Tuesday, 16 June, 2009

This is how I did it..

School was a time that I would love to forget. I know most of you would love to go back to those "simpler" times, when your life revolved around getting good grades, hoping endlessly that the most popular guy/girl in class would look at you, and if you were the smart ones, then holding your noses as high as you could when you'd stand first in class.

Alas, I wish I could think like you all. For you see, I was a victim of incessant bullying by some of the worst boys I have ever known. My day would begin by YP and his gang of bullies pointing at me and laughing their heads off, and it would end the same way. They use to call me names, tease me, in a nutshell, they took pleasure in seeing me miserable.

YP was a very peculiar boy. He would give me mixed signals. On some days, he would tease me badly, and on other days, he'd try to impress me by his impression of The Rock (I was the only girl in class who would watch WWE).

I tried everything with him. I complained to the teacher (I remember the Librarian slapping him once. Score 1 for the fat girl!), I cried like a maniac, I tried ignoring him, I tried giving it back to him. Heck, I even tried to instill the fear of God in him! (God is watching you YP!! And one day, YOU WILL PAY!!) Nothing worked. Nothing at all! And he tortured me for four whole years.

It was one of the usual days, and I was being bullied. He used to sit right behind me, and he was making rude comments and high-fiving his gang every time I gave some sort of reaction. I was boiling in rage, I knew I had to do something.

I don't know what came over me, and I turned around and looked straight at him. He looked right back, his ever-present smirk on his face. I kept looking at him, and with a dead pan expression, I said:

"I think I know why you tease me. You have a crush on me."

His eyes opened in shock, and for a second, even I couldn't believe what I had said. But I continued:

"The fact is, you really like me, and this is the way of you expressing your feelings towards me. It's all clear to me now!"

He didn't say anything. He mumbled a few words and looked away.

And I swear, for a whole week, he didn't say one word to me. Not even a word. The best one week of my life! Of course he got back to making my life living hell, but still, I had my week!

Now I look back and wonder, what if what I had said was true. What if, in fact, he liked me? I wasn't one of the pretty girls, I was different. I still am! Maybe he used to tease me, because he felt if he told me he liked me, his gang would make fun of him. Male psychology is strange. Or maybe I am being psychotic by writing this! Anyway, I want to know what you think about this! Leave a comment and let me know!


In other news, I saw 17 Again on Sunday, and it made me think, what if I woke up as a 15 year old one day. Man, I'd do so many things differently. I shall share that in my next post! See you on the other side...


Nikki said...

Whoa! Looser! That was an awesome you pulled at him!

hehehe...waiting for more!

Rashmi said...

Lolzzzzzzz i loved it!!! good you gave back to that godforsaken ass**** and joshi we indeed are different, i can completely and honestly understand your feelings.

Kaddu said...

Ahhhh! Male psychology is indeed strange.

Iggy said...

@ Nikki: I punch would have been better I feel. Oh well :)

@ Rashmi: <3

@ Kaddu: Strange indeed!

P WOman arrives said...

hehe... i love the crush part

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

why did u wait for four year.. first time hi ek dena tha ...

would have saved four years of trouble :)

Akhil S Behl said...

i am pretty sure.. he had a crush on you..

this happens.. especially with immature people.. the most important thing for a guy is to catch attention.. they would air-guitar, swagger, talk loudly, change their voice, correct your grammar or math.. anything..

apparently this guy didn't know a better way to do it than this.. i am sure he made himself miserable too by doing this.

dusky hues said...

wouldn't disagree with the part about the various specimen we dealt with and suffered with saintly patience ;)

well, talking about male psychology... i will just let it be :D

Shanu said...

Lol..awesome..I agree..some guyz are just chicken in mens clothes..they cant confess thr feelings for the girls they like..and resrt to things like teasing!