Wednesday, 24 June, 2009

Things I'd do differently if I were 15 again

1. I would hit YP where it hurt -- his ego. I won't let his constant bullying bother me, and just take it in my stride. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!

2. I would stop pretending to be with the 'in' crowd, and just accept that I was a loner. I would not spend my time trying to impress them, instead I would be with myself, and have other people come to me.

3. I would definitely NOT listen to the Backstreet Boys every time I would think about my crush.

4. I would care a FUCK about my marks, or who came first in class. I was and never will be a grade A student, and I'd just learn to live with that.

5. I would not waste my time and my dad's hard earned money on Chate classes.

6. I would not aspire to be a doctor (yeesh!) and instead understand my own potentials.

7. I would sing and dance like no one was watching. And even if someone was, I would give a damn.

8. I would make friends with A and U, because they were loners, just like me. And as I discovered in the class trip, (which was horrendous, fyi!) they were exceptionally cool.

9. I would rebel each and every norm there was.

10. In short, I would be exactly what I am today.

I wish there were more school-hating people like me. My only respite is Pink Floyd, who wrote my anthem "We don't need no education." So damn fucking true.

Ok I'm charged up now, and it's 11:22 pm. I suppose I should hit the sack now.



Nikki said...

I am your school-hating pal! I hated school and I agree with all those things you wrote here!

I am Me now and loving it! Glad to have a friend like you!

Rash said...

I completely completely second nikki here, we rock dearies we rock :)

dusky hues said...

Never hated school but ya there were some horrid moments.

Adding to the list:
1. would not read M&B with mad devotion
2. would have slapped the PT teacher for gawking at girls
3. would never do up my hair in pig tails (yes with a decent amount of oil)

umangexuberance said...

you had me in fits there.
really :)
this had me thinking of what i would do differently if i ever 15...hmmm...
may be not fall in love with my English sir :D

Shanu said...

Wow..soo true

Will add a few things here:

Will stop being petty abt things like ranks and marks bcoz in life there are things which matter more than how much u scored in the 10th

Will take up arts..bcoz tats wat my heart wants..and not listen to ppl who say sum1 wit 88% should take up science and not arts

Not give in to peer pressure and live my life the way i want..not compromise thinkin wat otherz mite think abt me

Dream3er said...

i hate school too ... i am so happy to be where am i today .. totally different from what they thought i was!

Meghana Naidu said...

Actually, if i were 15 again, i wouldn't change a thing.


*butterfly effect*
you are you now, maybe you wouldn't be, you know, if you changed even a single millisecond from the past.

PS: and yeah, i loved school.
PSS:please, no brickbats.