Thursday, 4 June, 2009

That Night - Conclusion

(Please read Parts 1, 2 and 3 first)

29th September, 2004
Mumbai, 10:00 pm

Raj sat in the corner of his room, shaking in terror. Whatever happened to his friends were not mere co-incidences. There had to be some connection. They were both brutally killed, ripped apart. He couldn't get those images out of his head. Those photos were splattered all over the newspapers, and the news channels were speculating some supernatural force. Of course Raj didn't believe in that mumbo-jumbo, but he couldn't discount what had happened to his friends. He didn't know of anyone who would want to kill them. They weren't bad guys, didn't hold any grudges. At least that's what he thought.

He had not been sleeping at all since Sameer's death. He would doze off here and there, but he would not get any sleep. Whenever he closed his eyes, he saw Sameer's body hanging from the tree, his intestines twisting around his neck. He would see Yash's eyeballs protruding from his skull, his crotch only a deep depression.

He was in a state of fear at all times. He started being on his own all the time.
It had been so long that he had had sleep, that his eyes had completely dried out. His parents were really worried out him, but he just wouldn't let them come close to him. He wanted to be left alone.

Tonight was one of those breezy nights. The breeze was hitting against Raj's window, making creaking sounds. The house was absolutely silent. He didn't know when, but the atmosphere just made him really sleepy. He tried to stay up, but just couldn't. He closed his eyes, and went off to sleep.

Raj woke up in complete white. There was nothing he could see in the horizon. All white. He felt his heart pounding in his chest. "Hello?" he cried out, taking a few tentative steps. He walked a good ten minutes, but it was leading him nowhere. Was he walking in circles? He could not tell. It was white all around him.

Raj was sweating profusely, and he felt the ground rumbling under him. What's happening! He looked at the floor, shaking violently now. He saw cracks developing on the pristine white, and soon enough, found himself falling through a gaping hole. He was so scared, he just didn't know how to react.

It was completely dark now. Pitch black. He felt himself strapped into a chair. He was breathing hard, the silence just cutting through his ears. "Whoever is doing this...please stop..stop" he sobbed, closing his eyes. He heard a slight mechanical voice, like a rusted door hinge. He opened his eyes, and found himself starting into a pair of red ones. The eyes transported him back to that night, and saw everything once again. He screamed, startled, and he felt the red eyes jumping away from him.

"Wait, stop...who is it..Are you responsible for my friends' death? What have we done to you?" The light came on. It was so bright, Raj was taken aback for a second. He looked around him. He was sitting on a chair, and his hands were strapped to poles on either sides. Right in front of him sat a black cat, its red eyes gleaming in the light. Raj trembled. "Please let me go, what have I done?" The cat hissed, baring its teeth. The mechanical voice grew louder, and it was coming right over his head. Raj looked up and screamed.

A chainsaw was positioned right over his left hand. He looked at the cat again. "No, please stop! Let me go!" The cat hissed again, and the chainsaw started with a sound that made his heart leap out of his mouth. It was moving slowly towards Raj's shoulder, and he screamed, trying to break away from the straps.
He started crying, looking at the cat. "Please...I beg you...please!" Over the whirring, he heard a soft voice. "Did you listen to me when I begged?" Raj looked around, and he couldn't see anything. Even the cat was gone. He looked back up and saw the chainsaw ready to make contact with his shoulder.

"No!" he screamed, as he felt the machine rip through his flesh, his bones crunching right out of his body. He wailed in pain as his left hand sliced right out of his body. He fell to the ground, his right hand out of the straps. Even in immense pain, he knew he had to escape.

He looked around, but there was nothing. Only white. He saw a large wall at a distance. He somehow stumbled to it, and sat down against it. He cradled the wound, watching the blood seep through his shirt. He cried loudly. He finally understood why this had happened. He leaned his head against the wall, closing his eyes. He understood.

He heard a noise coming from behind the wall. Before he could turn, he felt a sharp pain right through the middle of his head. He looked up, a large claw was sticking right through it. He gasped one last time and he was gone.

From the other side, the cat retrieved it's claw back through the wall. The blood on its' paw looked enticing, so it took a little lick. It cringed in repulsion. Human blood was so disgusting. It then began walking away from the lifeless body, its tail swishing in the air. Its' work was done. But it will come back again, soon.

June 05, 2009

Mumbai, 12:25 am

Reshma finally finished the story and hit 'publish post' on her blog. Her readers were anticipating what happens next, and the finale was really explosive. She stretched and got up to go to bed.

She heard a loud purr from behind her. Her heart sank, and she turned around.
A black cat was staring right at her, its' red eyes glowing.

Reshma stared back, breathing hard. She smiled. "Lucifer! You scared the shit out of me! Now let's hit the sack."

Lucifer cocked his head to the side and purred, following Reshma out of the room.

The End.
************************************************************************************* Here it was, the ending to the 'That Night' story. Before I close the chapter on this, a few thank yous are in order :)

1. The inspiration for this story came from this story by Nikki. I noticed that she hadn't been killing people in her recent stories, and most of her awesome and thrilling descriptions turned out to be dreams. Writing this story was really cathartic, I'd say. So thanks Nikki, for being so inspirational :)

2. Next, I want to thank my sister Priyanka, and my ex. They gave me some pretty gruesome ideas on how to kill the three guys, and well, I hope the story did their ideas justice!

3. Last, but not the least, I want to thank YOU, the reader, for reading this story, and encouraging me to post more of it. I really hope you liked what I have written. You guys rock!

All images were found on google. None have been shot by me!

This story is dedicated to all women everywhere.

See you all soon :)


P WOman arrives said...

This was the best of the series..Thrilling to the very end! I loved it!

And thanks for thanking me! :D I know I deserve all the praise! ;)

Rashmi said...

Thrilling! captivating! couldn't have asked for a better ending i guess, thoroughly enjoyed reading all 4 series.

Nikki said...

Got a cure for goosebumps? Awesome stuff ha!

And thank you my love!

dusky hues said...

What works best here is the great style and pace, which is pefect for a thriller...

I think this is a cool piece and ya you played well with the reader's sentiments by breaking it into parts... smart move..

Okies I am waiting for more such pieces...

Hail Iggy!

dusky hues said...

What works best here is the great style and pace, which is pefect for a thriller...

I think this is a cool piece and ya you played well with the reader's sentiments by breaking it into parts... smart move..

Okies I am waiting for more such pieces...

Hail Iggy!

Rahul said...

Wow, this is an awesome post...straight from the heart..Just keep moving forward, and enjoy more than ever before :)... Am adding u in my blog list for further reading ur articles!! You can add me in ur blog list too read mine if u want...My blog is



Iggy said...

@ P WOman: Thank you..And you deserve every bit of it!

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@ Nikki: Glad you liked it! And you're most welcome!

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Anonymous said...

I would say just one word 'Spine-Chilling'