Monday, 16 March, 2009

10 fun things to do without spending a dime

( I got inspired after reading this article. I couldn't think up 20, but 10 is good enough :D)

So we all know recession has hit, and bad. I can no longer have Rs. 5,000 worth Body Shop hauls, and other such exuberant spendings. So, I made this list of 10 fun things to do without spending a dime. I hope they help you too!

10. Annoy your mother: Poke her. Make loud noises. Get in her way. Annoy her any way you can. Hell hath no fury, like a mummy annoyed! And, it's fun while it lasts! :D This can also work on your dad/sibling/dog. Be careful of the dog though. It can/will/may bite!

9. Doodle: Doodling is my favorite pastime. Just give me a notebook and a pen, and I'll fill it up in a matter of minutes! Doodles sometimes turn out to be great works of art! So never throw them out. I still have all my doodles with me.

8. Drink water: And lots of it. Then, go to some unknown place. What goes in, must come out, no? Then, have fun searching for a restroom to relieve yourself in. ;)

7. Make a list!: Random lists are so fun! They just make a you think sometimes for hours (What's your favorite colour?!) Finishing them is quite fulfilling, if you put your mind to it!

6. Zone out: Just stare at a wall, and slowly zone out. Zoning out is one of my favorite things, cause you can do it anywhere. Just pick a spot, stare at it, and clear your head of all thoughts. Works best during pathetic/boring meetings. The boss thinks you're listening, while you have been somewhere else. Fun! :D

5. Go for a walk: Walking does not have to be a task or a boring routine. Go for a walk somewhere you haven't been before. Take a different route from the one you usually do. Take a camera along and take random photographs. Healthy, AND fun!

4. Daydream: Daydreaming is close to zoning out, except that in daydreams, you're actually thinking about something. You can be anywhere/anybody with anybody you want. My most frequent daydreams involves me having Giselle Bundchen's body and having a jet-setting life. Of course, when you come back from your daydream, you come back to earth, but that 10 minutes as Giselle is certainly fun, and totally worth it!

3. Spa Day: Pamper yourself - at home! Make homemade facials, give yourself a manicure/pedicure. Paint your nails in funky colours! (My fav - hot pink!)

2. Photograph yourself - You are da bomb. Yes you, reading this! Then why not capture this on celuloid? Just whip out that camera and give your best poses. Pout, blow air kisses - whatever! You should be your own muse! I take my photo every opportunity I get. I love me! :D

And finally....

Drum roll please!!!!

The no. 1 fun thing to do without spending a dime is..................

1. Make out/Have sex: I don't need to explain this. Just please, use condoms!

So that concludes my list! I hope you had fun reading this :) You didn't even had to spend a dime!


Nikki said...

I totally agree with all the ten random stuff!!! Coool....

how can i explore ME... said...

y u used dog with others??....i dint like that.....datz just my opinion,dont take it otherwise....:)
sometimes i wish to have a physique like michael phelps....he is so huge!!!!

rash said...

wowoo i loved it and yes it didnt even cost me a dime :) amazing....super kool