Sunday, 29 March, 2009

My Bucket List

Hypothetical situation: I have only one more day remaining on earth. What are the five things I will do before I die?

1. Donate 40% of my belongings to PETA and 10% to Childline. The remaining will go to my sister.
2. Call or visit every person I've ever known.
3. Confess to every guy I have had a crush on.
4. If I haven't already, make sweet sweet love with a random stranger/an ex.
5. Spend the last few hours with my family, laughing, joking, like we always do!

Then, I can die in peace :)


Nikki said...

I somehow dont like the idea of you dieing in a few hours time. I know its hypothetical!


rash said...

this reminds of a very very good movie i watched recently.....dasvidaniya...i love u loads joshi....

Dream3er said...

i like the list, but i guess i would have lot more things to do!

Ms.Me said...

@ Nikki:

Keyword - Hypothetical!

@ Rash:

Haven't seen the film, but I saw The Bucket List! :)

@ Dreamer:

Of course, me too...but well, I was given a choice of only 5 lets say these are the top 5 things I'd do! :)